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Rollic Games
Update OnMarch 24, 2023
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Engine Pistons ASMR APK is a racing game inspired by exciting upgrade activities. In this game, you need to do everything to help your car reach the highest speed in each race to win the final victory. However, it is the upgrade activity that is the most important factor in this game, not the player’s skill.

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Introduce about Engine Pistons ASMR

Engine Pistons ASMR – A racing game that emphasizes the upgrade element

Winning in intense car races requires a lot of different elements. But everything in Engine Pistons ASMR will become a lot simpler. More specifically, the player’s task is still to try to overcome all opponents on the track and finish in the first place. But instead of showing off your racing skills, you just need to upgrade the parts on the car to get the best performance.

The publisher Rollic Games provides players with a very simple but highly effective merge upgrade mechanism. Of course, you also need to come up with the best upgrade options in each situation to improve the car’s performance. Besides, you can also download this game through Google Play or the APK link below to experience it right away.

Win the race

The attraction of races in Engine Pistons ASMR is undisputed. You need to find a way to upgrade your car’s engine to have a chance to surpass other competitors in the race. Only the car with the best performance has a chance to win. The faster you move, the more profit your car will generate, so use the money you earn to upgrade effectively.

The special thing is that the cars will constantly move forward and you only need to perform effective upgrade actions by tapping on the screen. Accordingly, you will have more time to enjoy the race without having to manipulate too much in this game. Are you confident that your car is capable of winning against all opponents?

Merge the pistons

For the uninitiated, pistons are part of engines, compressors, pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and pneumatic cylinders. Its main task is to transmit the force from the gas expanding the cylinder to the crankshaft through the connecting rod and the pneumatic cylinder. Thereby helping your car operate faster with more stable performance than ever before.

In Engine Pistons ASMR, the piston also plays a very important role in the operation of the racing car. You need to constantly merge the pistons to transform them and improve the performance of the car. The change in the appearance of the piston will help you easily distinguish it from the previous pistons. At the same time, the merge method is also very basic, just click the Merge icon on the screen to do it right away.

Race car performance upgrade

The performance of racing cars in Engine Pistons ASMR is evident through three main upgrades. You need to take care of the Speed, Add Piston, and Income upgrades. Each upgrade will bring different effects during the vehicle’s movement. Typically, the Speed factor will help your car move faster on the track, the Add upgrade will help the car achieve higher performance and Income will bring higher profits in each certain period of time. The more you upgrade, the better your car will work, and the more money spent on upgrading will be.

Unlock new racing cars

When you earn a lot of money, it is also time to think about unlocking new racing cars with higher performance in this game. Engine Pistons ASMR provides players with a wide variety of racing cars with different parameters. You can choose racing cars that suit your budget before unlocking expensive supercars. The more expensive supercars you own, the higher your chances of winning the races will be.

Realistic cartoon graphics

The graphics quality of Engine Pistons ASMR is also shown quite well, like previous products from Rollic Games publisher. Of course, it cannot compare with the top racing games but still enough to make players feel impressed. You will quickly feel the tension of the track through details such as the racing car, the surroundings, and the sound of the engine. Besides, the interface of this game is also arranged quite effectively.

How to install Engine Pistons ASMR

Step 1: Search for Engine Pistons ASMR keyword and download the version (original APK) at the end of this article.

Step 2: Start installing the downloaded APK file and wait until the process is finished.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “Engine Pistons ASMR by MODDED-1.COM”. Just click on it to open and play the game.

Download Engine Pistons ASMR APK for Android

Winning every car race is your most important goal when playing Engine Pistons ASMR. Don’t worry too much because everything is shown very simply on the screen. You just need to make the upgrades to be able to help your car move efficiently. Wish you have interesting experiences when experiencing this unique ASMR game.


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