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Waldschrat Studios
Update OnFebruary 28, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
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Backyard Parking MOD APK gives players exciting parking missions. Here, your task is simply to control the cars into the right places at the parking lot to complete the challenge. Before you start, you should refer to this article to better understand this game.

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Introduce about Backyard Parking

Backyard Parking – Driving and parking simulation game that requires high precision

If you are bored with the usual racing games, you can try the Backyard Parking experience right now. This game does not bring dramatic car races, instead, you will control cars in a more gentle way. Specifically, you have the task of putting the parked cars in the correct locations to fulfill the available requirements.

Backyard Parking

Publisher Waldschrat Studios gives this game a lot of different levels with a variety of challenges from simple to complex. Besides, you also have the opportunity to unlock or customize new cars to your own preferences. Currently, this game has just been released on the App Store and Google Play allowing players to download and experience it at any time.

Complete the parking challenge

Backyard Parking takes players to large parking lots with high-end graphics. First, you will be given a default car to start the parking challenge right away. As mentioned, the only task of the player in this game is to put his car in the correct position.

All parking situations in the game are simulated very intuitively and closely to reality. This requires players to have control skills as well as practical driving skills. Besides, the appearance of some obstacles will make your parking challenge much more difficult. In general, this game is somewhat more difficult than the usual racing games on the market today.

Good concentration and reflexes

There are quite a few factors that determine a player’s outcome in Backyard Parking. But we believe that concentration and reflexes are the core factors that help you get your car into the specified position. Accordingly, use the skills of forward, reverse and brake smoothly to put the car in the right position. Avoid hitting the barrier, especially hitting other cars. All the elements in the game require players to play over and over again until they get used to how to control the available cars.

Lots of fun levels

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In fact, you can choose the appropriate level of play before starting a new level in the game. If you are a new player, you should choose an easy level to get used to before starting to conquer more difficult challenges. Moreover, Backyard Parking also offers more than 50 complex missions with different challenges for players to explore freely. Each mission will have different requirements, but in return, you will learn more experience in the field of car control.

Design new cars

The unique car models in Backyard Parking are not enough to impress you? Don’t worry, the design system is available with various customizations that will allow you to change the design of your vehicle models. For example, you can use paint to change the color of the car and make it more gorgeous, or change the tires and upgrade the engine to be ready for the next level. Basically, this game allows the player to be creative freely, as long as you have enough money to unlock the available options.

The diverse parking space is also the factor that makes this game stand out from other products of the same genre. Specifically, players will be taken to different locations to perform the parking challenges at their will. This will definitely make you always feel new and not bored when enjoying the game for a long time.

Realistic and high-quality pictures

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Backyard Parking’s graphics are built in a familiar 3D format that promises to give players the most beautiful display quality. The images of the cars, the parking environment, or the transition effects are all guaranteed to be the best. Besides, the sound emitted from the engine or other details in the parking lot will surely attract you from the first time. In general, the graphics and sound system of this game have a thorough investment and high perfection.

How to install Backyard Parking

Step 1: You need to delete the original version of Backyard Parking on your device (if any).

Step 2: Download the APK or MOD file provided below the device article.

Step 3: Install the file by clicking the Install button on the screen.

Step 4: Finally, touch the icon of this game to enjoy.

Download Backyard Parking MOD APK for Android

Mastering the control of a vehicle is not an easy task for anyone. Therefore, you should try the Backyard Parking experience to better understand the parking process as well as learn the operation of a regular car. Although it has just appeared on the market today, this game has attracted a large number of gamers thanks to its vivid 3D graphics and extremely realistic simulation gameplay. Get ready to start the exciting parking challenges in this game now.

Features MOD:

  • Unlocked All


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