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Update OnApril 26, 2022
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Vandals APK is an attractive puzzle game, the player’s goal is to help his main character escape the police chase. Why? The main character guy is a vandal, he always finds a way to paint artistic pictures on the walls of the city. Let’s accompany this guy to create attractive chases.

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Introduce about Vandals

Vandals – Exciting puzzle game with many remarkable situations

Street art has many different ways of expression, one of which is painting works of art on the walls and creating impressive images on the street. However, this is an illegal act that does not receive the consent of the people as well as the law. Join Vandals, you will have the opportunity to become a villain with the task of creating works of art on the street.


However, everything is not just drawing anymore, instead, the presence of the police with the police dog will make things more difficult. Your task is to help the main character escape from the police after successfully performing different missions. Basically, this is a relatively bold idea from the publisher ARTE Experience. You should try downloading Vandals for about $5.49 to enjoy right now.

Runaway from the police chase

Vandals explore the chase scenes between vandals and the police. In the role of a vandal, the player needs to try to escape the police surveillance range. The way this game works is turn-based, you will rely on the system of moving green or red arrows on the screen to give the appropriate solution. At the same time, the hat icon will be the place where you draw your artwork.

After successfully moving to the hat location, you need to quickly escape as soon as possible. Police surveillance will continuously increase in the next levels, which will make the player’s range of movement increasingly narrow. Therefore, you need to have a strategy to reach the locations on the screen wisely to complete the mission before the police can approach.

Use different tools for distraction

Not only offers difficult escape missions, but Vandals also allow players to use a number of useful tools to evade police pursuit. More specifically, you can create a fake noise to distract the police thanks to the tools available on the screen. It could be a noise coming from a glass bottle, a siren, and more.

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Remember that the in-game sound tools only have a limited range of uses. Therefore, you need to move to the right location to be able to maximize its capabilities. Sometimes, the supervisor will oversleep and will act on instinct. At this point, you need to use tools to create sounds with the aim of waking them up to start moving earlier than intended.

Task systems from simple to complex

Vandals not only stands out for its engaging puzzle gameplay but also possesses a variety of content that players can explore continuously for a long time. Accordingly, this game is available with 60 different levels with increasing difficulty, requiring players to constantly change their move strategy to complete the assigned challenge.

At the same time, the game screen will take place in many different locations. Typically, the appearance of famous cities such as Paris, Sao Paulo, Berlin, New York, and Tokyo will surely make you feel excited. Each location will have its own unique terrain, along with the appearance of new police officers with higher skills. On some levels, golden stars will appear randomly on the map. You need to collect these gold stars to get the best performance at each level.

Characteristic cartoon graphic style

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Vandals’ graphics is one of the notable highlights of a typical cartoon style. Join the game, you will quickly feel impressed with the details that appear on the screen. Each level in the game will take players to different locations with an intuitive layout that will definitely not disappoint you. Besides, colors and transition effects are also very well designed in this game to bring the best experience to players.

How to install Vandals

Step 1: Download the Vandals version (paid original APK) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: After the download is complete, click the Install button to proceed with the installation.

Step 3: An icon of the game will appear immediately after successful installation. Tap it to experience what it feels like to be an instant spoiler.

Download Vandals APK for Android

Are you ready to become a vandal for the purpose of creating art in Vandals? After completing the quest, you will see the artwork created by the character himself. The special thing is that you can use this drawing to share with people around or save it on your device as a souvenir. Overall, this is a puzzle game full of attractive elements that you should try to enjoy at the moment.

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