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Surely all of us have also prepared attractive dishes to take to work instead of eating at food stores. Joining Lunch box APK, players will have the opportunity to manually create the best dishes to bring to work. This is a puzzle game but promises to bring you endless moments of entertainment.

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Introduce about Lunch box

Lunch box – Puzzle game combined with the element of making delicious food

Lunch box

Lunch box is inspired by the story of a young married couple. They were too bored with the same food from the same food stores every day. This makes the husband determined to learn to cook delicious dishes for his wife to bring to work every day. Not only the delicious element, but the dishes in this game also need to be decorated beautifully to complete the requirements in each level. Publisher Apero Game Publishing offers a lot of delicious recipes waiting for you to discover in this game. Quickly download it through Google Play or at the APK link below to discover it right away.

Prepare a delicious lunch

A delicious lunch with delicious food will definitely help the relationship between you and your other half become more developed. In the Lunch box, players will be immersed in the moments of arranging food from simple to complex. All you need to do is simply collect the food and place them in the box as shown on the screen.

A lot of family food boxes are waiting for you to arrange. They correspond to a variety of meals, including breakfast, lunch, or dinner. How to become a sorting expert? Playing the game for a long time will give you a lot of experience to fulfill your desires. Although it is quite easy to play through the built-in tutorial, it will take you longer to the challenges behind it.

The mechanism is like a jigsaw puzzle

The content in the Lunch box will start after the cooking stage, ie the delicious dishes have been completed and your task is to arrange them in a reasonable way. Each container will have a certain size, and you are only given a certain number of steps to go through in the process of arranging food in the box. If you run out of moves and still haven’t found the optimal sort formula, you’ll be stuck at that level.

Each dish in the game is similar to a puzzle piece, you need to put them in the corresponding position to match the available instructions. This is quite similar to how a traditional jigsaw puzzle works. But you can rotate and flip the dishes to find the most suitable position. Remember that the next levels will be more and more difficult, requiring players to manipulate many factors if they want to arrange the dishes properly.

More than 100 levels

Up to the present time, Lunch box gives players more than 100 levels with increasing difficulty. You will approach challenges from simple to complex with the unchanged task, which is to arrange the dishes in the box. Maybe it’s just the change when the size of the boxes is getting bigger and bigger, making the arrangement process very difficult. After successfully stacking, you will see your food box carefully packed with extremely delicate and beautiful packaging.

Consistent with many objects

Anyone can play Lunch box and experience the fun in their own way. This game is very simple to approach but players will find it difficult to conquer all available challenges. It is suitable for all ages and both genders. The important thing is that you can log in and complete the levels at any time without having to be connected to the internet. This will help players feel more convenient when enjoying.

Cute cartoon graphics

The graphic design of Lunch box also makes us feel extremely impressed with what it brings. Accordingly, this game owns cartoon graphics with a very characteristic expression. You will immediately see the details are somewhat simplified on the screen but still bring a familiar feeling when experiencing. Besides, the harmonious color and sound system will also contribute to creating memorable first-time experiences.

How to install Lunch box

Step 1: Download the APK version of Lunch box for your Android device by clicking the “Download” link at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and proceed with the installation.

Step 3: Relax during the installation process and you will soon see the game icon appear on the screen. Just touch it to open the game and play.

Contact us if you have problems downloading and installing the game.

Download Lunch box APK for Android

Are you ready to take on the exciting food arrangement challenges in Lunch box? This game will help you find a lot of delicious dishes and arrange them in your own box by yourself. All manipulations need to be done carefully because just by misaligning any of the pieces, you cannot win.

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