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Update OnDecember 14, 2022
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Join Button Fever APK to become a rich person by repeatedly clicking the buttons on the screen. An idle job but bringing high income is waiting for you to discover in this game. Is everything really that simple? Let’s find out more through this article.

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Introduce about Button Fever

Button Fever – A puzzle game that converges many operating mechanisms

Button Fever

Earn a lot of money by repeatedly pressing the button icon on the screen through Button Fever. This is a puzzle game combined with many attractive mechanics from the publisher Rollic Games. We believe that you will not be able to find a job that is both rich and idle in reality. Therefore, try this game to try the feeling of becoming a rich person by combining buttons and clicking on them to earn a lot of money.

Currently, Button Fever has achieved more than 1 million installs on Google Play and has proven to be attractive to a wide range of players. A simple game with a simple operation mechanism. Are you ready to achieve the goal of making a lot of money? Of course, you can also download the MOD version at our website to quickly reach your goal.

Simple clicker game, easy to get used to

Most clicker games have the same operating mechanism and are accessible to many players. Button Fever is no exception. You can save a lot of money by clicking the button icon that appears on the screen. More specifically, at the beginning of the click, your collection will increase many times compared to the original and continuously increase. Remember that there will not be any limit on the number of clicks, as long as you are persistent, the amount of money will be a lot. Conversely, if you click too little, your earnings will start to drop immediately.

Merge to make money

As mentioned, the merging mechanism in Button Fever is relatively important, it will help players increase the amount of money. In fact, each button in the game will have a different size, size, and number displayed for players to easily distinguish. You’ll start with two buttons side by side, then drag and drop to merge them quickly. At the same time, the merged effect is also very eye-catching to help you feel more excited after each operation. Of course, you need to make sure that the two merged buttons have the same value and the same color.

Unlock a diverse collection of buttons

Remember that the more high-value nodes you own, the more money they will bring. Therefore, this game provides the player with an unlimited number of buttons, and you can invest the earned money to merge new nodes continuously. Besides the button, the power-ups that appear in Button Fever are also very diverse and bring high economic efficiency to the player. Accordingly, the power-ups will help you merge buttons faster or increase the amount of money earned after each click.

Many side quests are available

Not only does it provide a job to continuously click on the screen to earn money, but Button Fever also provides an attractive side-quest chain. You can do these pre-existing side quests to earn more coins and unlock new features. Moreover, all the money that you earn in the game will be fully visible on the screen. Thanks to that, players can easily track the progress of the game and come up with the most effective playing methods.

Earn even offline

Don’t worry if you are a person with little time to spare, because Button Fever offers unique features, including an offline earning feature that promises to make you rich quickly. This feature will help you earn money continuously without having to log into the game often. But at the same time, you also need to constantly upgrade nodes or collect new nodes to increase the productivity of offline monetization.

Minimalist graphics create a sense of attraction

Graphics in Button Fever are quite simple with many colors shown on the screen. You will see colorful virtual buttons appear on the screen, and each button has its own value. Of course, this game will not include too many details, instead simply specific colors to show important information to the player. In addition, the background music and sound are also very impressive to bring the best experience. In general, the minimalist graphics make this game work smoothly and are compatible with many mobile devices today.

How to install Button Fever

Step 1: Make sure you uninstall Button Fever if you downloaded it from Google Play.

Step 2: To enable installation permission from unknown files, select “Settings”, “Security”, “Unknown sources” and select “Enable”.

Step 3: Download Button Fever APK or MOD file at our website and install it as usual.

Step 4: Open the game and enjoy.

Download Button Fever APK for Android

Although possessing a relatively simple gameplay mechanism, Button Fever will definitely make players feel impressed from the first time. This game simply revolves around the clicker element, accompanied by upgrade activities that any player can get used to. You should download it now to enjoy the relaxing experience it brings.

Features MOD:

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