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Update OnDecember 17, 2022
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AlchiMerge APK is a great puzzle game for you to explore the mysterious story. Now, you will become part of the great story of the magical island where humans, dogs, and cats live in harmony. You will be accompanied by friendly friends to merge, craft, and build a new life here.

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Introduce about AlchiMerge

AlchiMerge – Play puzzles, explore and follow the mystical story


AlchiMerge has everything you need for an entertaining and relaxing experience. This game belongs to the puzzle genre but is combined with role-playing and adventure elements. It’s not like Candy Crush, a set of match-3 puzzles. It is a complete story built from cartoon characters and various locations on the mystical island. Therefore, gamers will have the opportunity to explore puzzle missions in the journey to follow the story. Don’t stop solving puzzles to unlock tickets to different chapters, meet friends, and adventure everywhere.


After a tremor caused the Rift storm in the ocean, cracks were formed and caused many mysterious magical phenomena. From there, a new island is formed in the middle of the ocean, it is called Vortex Island. This island has attracted many residents to visit, including residents of the kingdoms of Catania (cats) and Lupinia (dogs). At the same time, humans also set foot here and have the opportunity to meet other species. Since then, these three species have lived in harmony with each other. Together, they built Vortex Island from a wild island to the most livable place with magic. Join them on quests and write your story here.

Merge to craft and get rich

The game offers fun puzzle missions. To complete the task. Gamers just need to learn merges. Click your finger on the screen to merge similar items and you will get more advanced items. They can be valuable ingredients for making mystical potions, magic, and ancient jewelry. So, thanks to the familiar merge mechanism, gamers can create anything on this island. And they will make a lot of money from valuable items when they sell and trade them for customers who are residents of the island.

Over time, the material system is increasingly rich. Gamers can find hundreds of different types of items created from merges. Thanks to that, they were able to craft various potions and spells. And with the money they make from selling them, they can unlock even more to build the island of their dreams. Do not hesitate to explore many new lands to find new sources of materials. Plants, potions, and more can all be used for crafting.

Design characters, build island life

Join AlchiMerge, players can meet funny inhabitants from cats, dogs, and humans. They can design their own characters with costumes, accessories, and more. Do not hesitate to turn them into the most beautiful and outstanding inhabitants of the island. And they will dedicate their work productivity to island-building to promote economic and sustainable development. They will help you build a resident’s life by crafting magic and decorating homes. There are many furniture items in the store for you to buy, build and decorate in your own way.

Players can build houses and even larger structures. Besides, they will buy decorative items such as beds, tables, chairs, carpets, and flowers and arrange them according to their own preferences. Also, develop farms and areas to grow materials for magic crafting. Over time, the island with its mysterious beauty will attract many new residents, thereby opening up many interesting stories to discover. You can also interact with many different friends around the world to build and develop a prosperous city alliance together.

3D graphics with fun cartoon design

The game’s 3D world appears vivid and colorful. It features characters with adorable looks and magical lands with a variety of unique plants. The experience space is always colorful and bright, helping you relax every time you play. Besides, the puzzle and decoration effects are amazing, creating excitement with every touch. Moreover, the background music is always light and cheerful. Everything comes together for a relaxing and exhilarating puzzle experience.

How to install AlchiMerge

Step 1: Please choose to download AlchiMerge APK at the “Download” link in this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and please wait a moment to complete the installation.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy it on your phone.

Download AlchiMerge APK for Android

Don’t miss AlchiMerge and the fun puzzle experience it has to offer. You will have the opportunity to become an important part of the story of funny and friendly characters. Join them in building the island of their dreams from simple merge mechanics. You will craft spells and potions to earn money, unlock unique story chapters, and adventure to many places. Don’t stop until you are satisfied with your results. A beautiful island is waiting for you to explore, are you ready?

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