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Update OnDecember 7, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Fighting Games
RequiresAndroid 4.1
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After the success of the first version, Shadow Fighter 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) has officially released to players worldwide. This game promises to quickly become the most popular role-playing product at the present time. First, let us learn a little about it.

Note: You can refer to some games of the same genre as Dead Cells or Shadow of Death 2.

About Shadow Fighter 2

Shadow Fighter 2 is a new role-playing game officially released by TOH Games around the world. With a lot of successful products before, it is promised that the second version of Shadow Fighter will bring a good experience.

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Join this game, players will be immersed in fierce battles with fantasy characters. You need to fight hard to destroy ferocious monsters and bring the light back to the world. Basically, the way of operation of Shadow fighter 2 is relatively similar to some other familiar role-playing games. However, you will easily feel the difference from the first time you experience this game.

Familiar context

Like its predecessor, Shadow fighter 2 is set in the fantasy world. Where giant beasts constantly appear and directly threaten the lives of all mankind. This makes a war between humans and monsters quickly broke out, leading to a series of destruction from powerful monsters for the human world.

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In this game, players will be immersed as the most powerful warriors with the desire to find a way to free humanity from the current state. In the first version, the player can only control a single character during the experience. In this next version, we have up to 5 characters with completely different weapons and skills.


Shadow Fighter 2 still offers players the same scrolling screen-style combat scenes as the first version. But in return, this game has a wider expansion when allowing players to activate up to 8 different skills during the experience.

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In terms of gameplay, instead of controlling a single character, now players will gather a team of 3 heroes to overcome the built-in difficult missions. You need to combine the skill characteristics of the heroes to build the strongest team.

At each level, players will have to face many enemies ahead and they are ready to destroy your character at any time. Therefore, keep a high level of composure to avoid the attacks coming from the opponent and cast the right skills to destroy them in a split second.

Through each battle, players can collect more items to upgrade the character, main weapons, and skills from each character through the amount of gold earned. This will help your character not weaken over time and can defeat all opponents in each level of play.


download shadow fighter 2 mod money

The controls in Shadow Fighter 2 are also relatively easy to build with the movement through the popular virtual button and skill buttons located on the right side of the screen. Therefore, players will not take too much time to get used to the controls of this game from the first experience. In addition, the game also integrates Auto mode to help players not need to manipulate but can still feel the battle extremely vividly.

Fight with the Boss

Note, in the normal battle scene, the player can only control one character and can switch between the other two characters at any time. In the Boss battle scene, all three characters will appear at the same time. So you need to control all three if they do not want to be destroyed easily. This will force the player to maintain a high degree of concentration to realize which character he is controlling in battle.

Great graphics

Shadow Fighter 2 is a role-playing game combined with an extremely dramatic fighting style so its graphics are very focused. The context of the fantasy world has been more elaborate than the first version. This will help players feel life from the first time experience. Most of the action effects will display extremely smoothly and eye-catching. So you will definitely feel satisfied with what this game brings. Although there has been an improvement in terms of graphics, the size of this game has not increased too much. Therefore, players can enjoy the game stably on low profile devices.

How to install Shadow Fighter 2

Step 1: Download version Shadow Fighter 2 (MOD & APK) free for Android.

Step 2: After successful download, click the Install button to “install”.

Step 3: The game’s icon will appear on the main screen right after the installation is complete. Touch this icon to experience the game immediately.

Download Shadow Fighter 2 MOD APK for Android

Shadow Fighter 2 is an extremely interesting game and can bring entertainment to players from the first experience. This game will not require players to do too much work during the game. You simply destroy all enemies on the map to win the final victory. Besides, you can thrive through battles and can kill their spare time in the built-in short quests.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money


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