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Update OnDecember 7, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Talking Tom Splash Force MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an interesting shooting game, built on the image of virtual pets from previous installments of the Talking Tom series from publisher Outfit7. In the game, players will become Tom, Angela, Tank, to fight against the evil cat bears. The unequal battle is underway and you can try it now.

Note: You can refer to some games of the same genre as My Talking Hank and My Talking Tom Friends.

About Talking Tom Splash Force

Perhaps not need to say too much about Outfit7 because most of us players already know about through the familiar games in the virtual pet game series on mobile. Ever since the release of the first game in this category, Outfit7 has collected millions of installs from players from top online game apps. Their reputation is increasingly “honed” by later products.

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With this comeback, Outfit7 once again exploits the image of adorable cats in the series of games that have made their name. However, you will notice the difference between Talking Tom Splash Force compared to its predecessors. In particular, the gameplay new seems similar to Angry Bird. Players will also participate in fascinating shooting battles but no less humorous right. It’s quite interesting, that’s right? Let’s learn more about it together.

Shoot the water gun

Talking Tom Splash Force brings water gunshot battles with extremely funny splashing effects. Players will play one of the familiar characters such as Tom, Tank, or Angela cat and confront the evil gang of cat bears.

The water guns will be quite easy to control but the tactical element should be appreciated. Players need to adjust the angle exactly so that the water balls shoot as far and as high as possible, thereby causing maximum damage to the enemy. It sounds easy, but when you do this, you will find it a bit difficult.

Control new

Similar to the game Angry Bird, players will control the shooting of the water gun by swiping from left to right, then carefully observe and release your hand to shoot. Spend a lot of time observing because you have no time limit for this. However, pay attention to the opponent because they are also throwing water balls at you. Do not be shot too much in each game screen because gamers will receive defeat immediately before defeating the opponent.

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Between levels, players can use special keys to unlock equipment chests. They contain new characters and new outfits that allow players to own indefinitely. Each character will bring a unique experience because they have completely different skills. You also need to get acquainted with them a few times before you can master all of them. In general, it will not be too difficult to control this game, even for inexperienced gamers.

Choose a character

As mentioned above, each character in the Talking Tom Splash Force has different skills in combat. For example, Tom shoots a large ball that can be divided into 3 small balls that deal with wide-area damage to the enemy, while Angela’s ball can soar before they hit the target. Therefore, players Should choose a character that suits their preferences and tactical ability to feel comfortable playing games. However, we also want to encourage gamers to change tactics more to enjoy a different experience.

As for the gang of ruffled bears, they also have their own weapons and are ready to shoot back players. Fighting against them is not only an action but also your noble mission. Our close friends are being captured by evil bandits, so try your best to rescue them in the game Talking Tom Splash Force.

3D Graphics

Perhaps we will not provide much information about Talking Tom Splash Force’s graphics because it is not much different from previous Outfit7 products. The image of the game is designed in an animated style with characters possessing cute looks and interesting expressions.

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The context is also described as quite diverse showing many different nuances at each level. This is definitely a special feature that makes the experience of players become more vivid and attractive than ever. Overall, the friendly graphics of Talking Tom Splash Force will help the game gradually become more popular with all ages of players around the world. This is also something that impressed me with the legendary game series Outfit7.

How to install Talking Tom Splash Force

Step 1. Download the MOD version of Talking Tom Splash Force at the end of this article.

Step 2. Install the MOD version select “Install” -> “Agree” -> “Finish” until the installation is complete.

Step 3. Access the game to experience the interesting shootings of the cat “Tom”.

Note: In this special MOD version, you need to do instructions before receiving infinite money. The money will increase when you use shopping, or upgrading characters and equipment.

Download Talking Tom Splash Force MOD APK for Android

Talking Tom Splash Force is one of the games with different gameplay than the products of the Talking Tom series. Outfit7 be best known for its virtual pet games, but what makes them closer to the community is the difference and variety of gameplay.

Players will see a new theme tapped Talking Tom Splash Force when it brings to the fun classic shooting gameplay. Wars between the cats and the vicious gang will take place without end. Everything continues with a single storyline but they are not boring, but on the contrary, the fascinating levels of the game will bring new and fun journeys.

Note: Players can download Talking Tom Splash Force at Google Play or click on the link below this post. However, with the original version, some ads will appear regularly and items may require payment for real money. Therefore, you may consider choosing our version MOD.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money


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