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Aliboo Studio
Update OnSeptember 26, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Silent Castle

Silent Castle APK is an idle action game that combines addictive puzzle elements. In the game, your mission is to find a way to survive in the ghost castle. Just click on the screen to make decisions, try to craft weapons, build defenses and fend off crazy wizards.

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Introduce about Silent Castle

Silent Castle – Survive the scary castle with your strategy

Silent Castle is a game published by Aliboo Studio and a casual game with horror elements. The game is warned not to be suitable for children and players sensitive to fear and excitement. However, the horror element is not so obvious in this experience. It mainly challenges players in their strategy, reason, and even calm down ability. But the dark ghost castle setting and creepy sound will be enough to inspire. And players can play with many other people and choose their roles as they like. Choose to be a soul-stealing witch or a fearless victim, who would you rather be?

Enter the game with many others

At the beginning of the game, the player can choose his role. One is to become a witch, the other is to become a survivor. As a survivor, gamers also have 3 other options, hacker, miner, or physicist. Each role will have its own advantages and you can alternate between multiple roles in each play. Each level will have 7 different players, 6 survivors, and 1 soul snatching witch. After determining each member’s role, all will go to the ghost castle and have a unique fight. The mission of the witch and steal the souls of the survivors. While the rest need to build defenses and craft equipment to fight witches.

The game will have some rules you need to know. For example, each room in the castle is only allowed one person. Each player only has a few dozen seconds to find their place to sleep, followed by the hunt for the evil witch. If someone’s defense is not good, they will be robbed of their souls by the witch. Until all survivors are defeated, the witch wins. On the contrary, if all the victims teamed up to fight and defeat the witch, they would safely escape the ghost castle.

Some strategies to survive

It can be seen that to win Silent Castle, gamers do not need to memorize or master any skills. But the strategic element is something they need to upgrade and have to develop their own tricks. Here are some great tips to upgrade your fighting ability:

Sleep for Gold: If you are the survivor, your job is simply to sleep. While sleeping, you will accumulate gold coins and they are extremely useful for building defensive doors and crafting many necessary weapons and equipment. When you have accumulated enough gold, you just need to click on the screen and select the equipment you want to make. This choice directly affects your attack or defense. If the defense is increased, the witch will take longer to break the door. If you increase your attack, the witch will take more damage from your arrows or traps. However, if the player is a miner, the accumulation of gold will be better than the rest.

Don’t check other people’s rooms: Although gamers will play with many other people, each player must play independently of the other. Witches will go to each room to attack each one and in the meantime, you cannot visit them to assist. Don’t get out of your bed no matter what. Take advantage of the time the witch is attacking others to accumulate gold and prepare for the attack that will come to you soon.

Avoid secret rooms: In the beginning, each player needs to find their own bedroom. But please avoid secret rooms as it is not useful for survival. If the player spends money to craft mysterious props in the secret room, the witch will get mad and soon come to you.

Classic 2D visuals, creepy sounds

Although it is an idle game, Silent Castle still impresses gamers with a unique graphic style. Everything was engulfed in the darkness of the mysterious castle, along with the creepy sound of the witch and her attacks. Besides, the combat effects are quite eye-catching. The icons in the game are also very intuitive, helping gamers easily access the features right from the first experience.

How to install Silent Castle

Step 1: Click the link in this article to download Silent Castle MOD APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: Please wait a moment for the installation to complete, then you will see the game icon show up on your phone screen.

Step 4: Simply click on the game icon to open it and start playing right away.

Download Silent Castle APK for Android

As can be seen, Silent Castle is a simple but attractive horror puzzle game. It will delight you with strategic deductions to confront witches or castle survivors. You can be the cruel soul robber or the victim, but each role has its own advantages. Use your advantage to take down others and win. Just click to play, so you don’t need to go through any tutorials.

Features MOD:

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