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Monkey GO Happy
Update OnApril 28, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 4.0
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Monkey GO Happy APK is a super fun entertainment game for gamers of all ages. Your task is to solve puzzles to help the sad monkey become happy. Just touch the screen and use your logical and analytical mind to decipher any situation. Are you ready?

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Introduce about Monkey GO Happy

Monkey GO Happy – Explore dozens of levels of funny intellectual puzzles

Are you looking for a puzzle game to train your logical mind? Monkey GO Happy is an interesting choice not to be missed. This game is designed to be simple but has addictive gameplay and is especially educational for primary school children and up. So anyone can play and explore more than 75 levels with many unique challenges.

Monkey GO Happy

It sometimes makes you mad because you can’t find a solution despite trying many ways. But when you really conquer that sentence, it’s a wonderfully satisfying feeling. So, help the monkey solve tough puzzles to test your ability and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction. But before that, let’s discover more about this game with us.

Use your wisdom to solve situations

Basically, Monkey GO Happy includes a level system of puzzles from easy to difficult. So far, it has more than 75 levels and each level is a conundrum. Gamers can start with a fairly simple situation. But then, the challenge will be more and more difficult, requiring logical reasoning and in-depth analysis to find the solution. However, the puzzle situations are all about real life. So things are very close but unpredictable. The goal in each level is to help the struggling monkey fall in love with your weird inventions. And just click on the phone screen to interact with different objects.

The puzzle can be a game of throwing bowls, turning on the TV, grabbing animals, launching rockets, setting off fireworks, collecting mushrooms in the forest, and more. As you can see, these activities are very close and sound quite simple, right? But gamers need to find the connection between the different items in each level to take the right action. For example, to throw a bowl, you will need to pick up a ball, or to set off fireworks, you will need to strike a match to create a fire. Many other situations also require a logical course of action to produce the right outcome.

Unlock items to design your monkey

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To make your puzzle experience even more fun in Monkey GO Happy, search for and unlock unique skins and accessories. The game offers more than 30 different hats to collect. It can be a warrior hat, a pirate hat, and more. Besides, there will be up to 7 different monkeys to choose from. Use them in your puzzles to enjoy the difference. Of course, the skin doesn’t change the puzzle mechanics or make the puzzles easier. If you want to enjoy that, gamers should look to “Hint”. But the number of Hints is limited, gamers cannot abuse them in each of their puzzles.

Adventure through many places and times

Each level in the game takes place in a separate setting. Thus, if there are more than 75 levels, gamers will explore more than 75 different contexts. Each scene is a unique place with a different layout of items, creating something new through each level. Besides, it can lead gamers to many different periods from medieval to modern. Sometimes you will have to adventure to a classic stronghold, a train station, or even deep forests, high mountains, and outer space. Enjoy their beauty and use your wisdom to solve all the mysteries behind their beauty.

Simple but fun and colorful pictures

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With educational puzzle gameplay, Monkey GO Happy is designed with simple but sophisticated graphics. The different items are described in cartoon style and are colorful, creating a friendly and close feeling when viewed. Moreover, the context changes flexibly through each stage, there is no overlap more than twice. Therefore, each level is an exciting and new adventure. Scenes in the context are realistic, making us think of real situations. And the music is always cheerful and rhythmic throughout the puzzle.

How to install Monkey GO Happy

Please uninstall other versions of Monkey GO Happy if available on your phone. Then follow these steps to download Monkey GO Happy MOD APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 1: Click the download link in this article to get the free APK file.

Step 2: Install the file by clicking β€œInstall”. The installation process will take place shortly after and usually takes about 1 minute. Please ensure your Internet connection during that period.

Step 3: As soon as the installation is complete, you can open the game and enjoy it on your phone.

Download Monkey GO Happy APK for Android

Do the close-knit and fun puzzles excite you? Monkey GO Happy will lead you to an exciting intellectual adventure where you have to use your mind to solve situations. Start with a simple puzzle to familiarize yourself with, then embark on a series of difficult situations. How many levels will you pass to help the monkey complete his adventure?

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