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Update OnJune 23, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 7.1
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Lets Merge APK is a puzzle game that combines elements of tower defense and much more. You can play it now to join the journey to build a dream paradise. Use your fingers to merge and unlock creatures, plants, and even treasure.

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Introduce about Lets Merge

Lets Merge – Fun puzzles and strategic defense battles

This game will make you fall in love with a puzzle style that is both familiar and new. The traditional match-3 merge puzzle gameplay is now included in your tower defense story. That means you will have the opportunity to both solve puzzles and participate in exciting strategic battles. But the gameplay is still quite simple, gamers just need to click and swipe on the screen to play. The pictures are friendly, the background is bright and the music is always light and clear. Because of these things, the game will make anyone fall in love for the first time.

Lets Merge

Currently, the game is available on Google Play and is here for you to download. Quickly get it to your phone to start the puzzle adventure like never before here. Gamers will not play alone, but always with the companionship of funny and helpful monster friends. Playtime and space are unlimited, so get creative and relax for hours every day.

Merge to build your house

At the beginning of the game, gamers will be taken to a strange land hidden under white clouds. Due to strange magic, the land became barren and lifeless. Now you need to restore its beauty again. To do that, just learn how to merge items to unlock and upgrade everything on this land. Gamers will touch the same items and match them to create a new, more advanced item. Just like that, hundreds of new things will be created every day, enriching the ecology of the land and bringing about magical beauty.

The things you can pair are very diverse. They are not only plants and flowers but can also be creatures, structures, statues, and defensive facilities. By merging to upgrade them, gamers will get unprecedented progress. Trees, flowers, and creatures give life to forests. Meanwhile, buildings will help strengthen your defenses. They are very important to keep the gamer at an advantage in the battle with the evil monsters.

Unlock fun and useful monsters

In the magical land of Lets Merge, monster eggs are buried in the forest. Your mission is to wake them up again to contribute to the revival of this land. Just use coins and gems to unlock creatures. But you need to feed them to have energy for work. Monsters will help create new items and upgrade existing items. Moreover, they are loyal companions and warriors in the battle against the enemy. So this is the most important component in your world.

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To upgrade them, gamers need to merge the same species. The merge mechanics are the same as they upgrade trees, buildings, and more. After being merged, the monsters not only changed in appearance but also increased in strength. Gamers can also equip them with armor, weapons, and enhancement items to enhance their fighting ability. With better strength, they can work faster and defend better in every fight.

Join the idle defense wars

In the progress of the land, the monsters of darkness would not leave it alone. So gamers always have to be ready with their defenses to fight them all the time. There are two important factors to make your victory, defense base and monster warrior. Gamers need a way to merge magical resources to strengthen their defenses. If you want your base camp to be indestructible, never stop merging. Besides, you always need the best monsters to design and implement battle plans. Reasonable defense and attack will help gamers win and keep peace on their land.

Lovely design, bright background

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The game will make you fall in love with its lovely and friendly designs. The game scene is always colorful and includes many different types of terrain. Gamers can see mysterious old forests, valleys, hills, and more. The images of the creatures and plants look adorable too. The music is always soothing and the merge and combat effects are breathtaking.

How to install Lets Merge

Step 1: Click the “Download” link to download Lets Merge MOD APK to your phone.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: Wait for the installation to complete and you can open the game to play it right after.

Download Lets Merge APK for Android

Lets Merge is a fun and engaging puzzle experience. Join it and officially become the new owner of the magical magical land. You can merge to build the land into a paradise with a diverse ecosystem. Moreover, don’t hesitate to unlock monster eggs, upgrade them and join tower defense wars. Your mission is to keep your beautiful land peaceful here.

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