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Are you ready to build a dream resort in Japan? If yes, join Hot Springs Story 2 now to open up your own world. This is the place for you to unleash your creativity and build a wonderful property next to the hot springs. Don’t think it’s easy, this is a challenging yet fun journey. Let’s go.

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Introduce about Hot Springs Story 2

Hot Springs Story 2 – Game for all ages

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Hot Springs Story 2 is a fairly new game from the famous publisher Kairosoft. It belongs to the simple simulation genre but possesses an extremely impressive pixel graphic style. Like previous products from Kairosoft, Hot Springs Story 2 will open a beautiful open world where players can unleash their creativity in building, decorating, and trading gameplay. What impressed me most about this game is probably its collection. It owns a lot of different items, which contain a variety of decorations, maps, quests, and more. Therefore, players will have a lot of interesting options in this game. Do you want to know what that is?

The setting is inspired by the Japanese style

Entering the game, players will own a large resort next to a romantic hot spring. At first, it’s nothing, but it’s enough to lure you in with its natural and romantic beauty. The whole space is covered with green grass, which is wooden stilt houses, lotus ponds, cherry blossoms, etc., including characters who have just appeared in Kimono suits. All are inspired by Japanese culture, bringing a style that is both close and modern. Surely they will make an impression on players from the first time they play.

Start building your property from small steps

A large establishment always has to start with small steps. The player’s first task in Hot Springs Story 2 is to register to own a hot spring inside the resort. Then, while waiting for the completion of the paperwork, players can refer to some construction-related work. Touch β€œMenu”, you can see many drop-down items, including Goals, Requirements, Employees, Travel, Construction, etc.

First, select Build and the player continues to explore another menu. It shows the work that the player needs to do to build a great resort next to the hot spring. For example, building a room, providing necessary items in the room, buying equipment, doing outdoor activities. What do you think is the first thing to do? I think it’s about building the room, then buying the necessary items for decoration. Just click on the icon you like and drag it to the appropriate position.

Building a restaurant

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Once the first few guests are available, players should consider building a restaurant to provide food and beverage. You know this is a very profitable and essential service to attract customers. Think of a fancy restaurant with familiar Japanese dishes like Ramen or Sushi. Food enthusiasts will visit your restaurant often, so don’t forget to create many unique dishes.

Other services

Having finished the main things, players can think of providing other secondary services. Such as Cauldron foot bath, outdoor bath, entertainment games. Each service contributes to a diverse experience for diners. The more diverse they are, the easier it is to attract tourists to your resort.

Besides, players should also hire some more staff to help carry out and manage the activities. At first, this may seem unnecessary as there is not much to do yet. But when your resort becomes famous, many customers will visit and the demand will be quite large. If those needs cannot be met quickly, customers feel uncomfortable and they will not return as often. That’s the key to losing customers. So you have to know that you need more people to make things go smoothly.

Unique pixel graphics

Pixel graphic style is one of the highlights that make the name of publisher Kairosoft. So they continued to bring it into the latest game, Hot Springs Story 2. The game’s setting evokes the feeling of living in a cool resort in Japan. That feeling is obtained through familiar images such as cherry blossoms, wooden houses, hot springs, Kimono. All of which appear vividly and harmoniously. In addition, during the gameplay, you also enjoy the exciting and engaging background music.

How to install Hot Springs Story 2

Step 1: Download the version Hot Springs Story 2 (Original APK) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on Android device.

Step 3: On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Hot Springs Story 2_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the steps on the screen.

Download Hot Springs Story 2 AP for Android

Hot Springs Story 2 is a game worth checking out this summer. What could be more wonderful when you can immerse yourself in the fresh space in the resort next to the hot spring? It’s available right on your phone’s screen, not far away. Let’s meet the tiny and funny characters inside your own place. And you can build a large establishment to cater to all diners from all over the world. Start your plan now.

MOD Features:

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