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Update OnAugust 30, 2022
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Ball on Rope MOD APK is a simple game where players can feel relaxed during the enjoyment. Your task is simply to cut the balls correctly to help them fall into the ring to win. At the same time, new levels with increasing difficulty will keep you entertained.

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Introduce about Ball on Rope

Ball on Rope – Casual game with fun ball-cutting gameplay

The attraction of games with simple gameplay is indisputable at the present time. Most games have a simple operation that makes players feel excited and can’t take their eyes off the screen for a long time. Ball on Rope is one of them. This is a product developed by the famous publisher VOODOO.

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Basically, this is a casual puzzle game combined with an extremely easy-to-understand method of operation. It’s so simple that players can grasp the gameplay in just a few minutes of experience, but it’s also attractive enough to make you hooked from the first time. Accompanied by a series of challenges with increasing difficulty make you not be disappointed. Currently, you can download this game through Google Play or App Store to experience it.

Instructions for playing Ball on Rope

Ball on Rope is a game that integrates extremely simple gameplay with easy-to-understand controls to help players get used to it from the first experience. In the game, the player will be provided with a ball hanging on a weak rope. This causes the ball to constantly be pushed left and right. Your task is to cut the rope correctly to help the ball fall into the ring below and win.

Besides, there will not be any obstacles appearing during the game. You simply put the ball into the colored circle as quickly as possible to continue to the next level. Sounds very simple right? But surely you will encounter many difficulties in the process of performing your task. You need to remember that if the ball falls out of the hoop after cutting the rope, the game will be over immediately. Therefore, you need to observe carefully before making the decision to move to increase the winning rate.

The simple one-touch control mechanism

There will not be too many control mechanisms appearing in Ball on Rope for players to understand. Basically, you just need to use your finger to swipe left or right to make a cord cut. After that, the ball will automatically fall in the specified direction and you only need to observe if you win in that game. If you accidentally lose, don’t worry, this game allows you to play over and over again until you complete all available challenges.

There is no specified time

More specifically, Ball on Rope does not require the player to perform the stage within a specified amount of time. Therefore, you do not need to be too hasty during the game experience. Observe closely and cut the rope slowly to make sure the ball falls into the correct position. This is very useful advice because in the next level the speed will be pushed higher than the original. Besides, after each stage, you will notice the change in the balls as well as the different contexts. This will definitely give you a much more impressive experience than usual.

Challenge yourself

Ball on Rope provides an extremely rich gaming system that allows players to comfortably experience without getting bored. You need to set goals for yourself in this game to feel the fun it brings. For example, pass as many levels as possible and you will own a high achievement that many people admire. Note that this is a free game, so ads will appear after you lose in each level. You need to wait a little longer to continue playing the game.

Simple and colorful graphics

Ball on Rope’s graphic development is the same as previous games from the publisher VOODOO. You will easily visualize the details that appear on the screen because they are described very intuitively. Accordingly, the change in context and other details after each stage will also make you feel more excited when playing the game. Besides, the lively sound is also a factor that helps this game show the fun and excitement for players.

How to install Ball on Rope

Step 1: Delete all instances of Ball on Rope on your phone if any.

Step 2: Click “Download” at the bottom of this article to download Ball on Rope (APK or MOD).

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and install it.

Step 4: Wait about 1 minute for the installation to complete, then you can open and play right away.

Download Ball on Rope MOD APK for Android

Ball on Rope will take you to extremely fun but equally challenging rope cutting challenges. You simply perform wire-cutting operations to complete the assigned task. Gradually, the difficulty will be increased making everything more difficult, this is when you need to stay calm and focused to win.

Features MOD

  • Free Rewards


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