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Total War: Elysium APK is a Card game that has officially been available on the mobile platform after great success on PC. Of course, you will have to come up with the right strategies from time to time to defeat all opponents thanks to the available cards. What do you expect from this arrival of one of the hottest card games right now? First, let’s learn more about this game.

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Introduce about Total War: Elysium

Total War: Elysium – Discover the most epic battles in human history

SEGA is a famous publisher in the mobile game market, especially with the Sonic series of games that have achieved great success. However, the appearance of Total War: Elysium from this publisher also attracted a lot of attention from players. This is a card game combined with traditional strategy elements.

download total war elysium mod apk

Here, players will have the opportunity to control cards inspired by famous generals in human history. From there, experience countless exciting battles and master the historical battlefield through the battles you participate in. If you are interested in this game, you can download and install it through Google Play in the form of early access. Of course, the upcoming improvements will make Total War: Elysium complete and provide a more enhanced experience.

Command the best soldiers in history

Welcome to Total War: Elysium, where your strategic talent will determine the outcome of each battle. In this game, players will freely choose for themselves the best soldiers and start attractive CCG matches to win in the end. So, are you strong enough to control the warlord Cao Cao, Lagertha, or even the military master Napoleon? No matter which famous character you choose, the ultimate goal is still to defeat the opponent to receive valuable loot. All the best generals and soldiers in history are re-appeared in this game to give players more tactical options.

Summary of the cards

In each match, the player will receive a certain number of cards to use to fight the opponent. There are two most important factors when looking at cards, which are attack and defense stats. For example, a card called Cyclops has an attack index of 2 and a defense of 9. You should arrange this card on the first row to be more active in defense.

download total war elysium apk

Accordingly, the icon that appears in the middle of the attack and defense stats will represent the race of each character. Each race will have a special interaction with the other. Typically there are many cavalry symbols on the map, your army will receive additional defense stats. In addition, Total War: Elysium currently has about 9 different generals along with 300 cards for players to freely choose to unlock depending on their strategy.

Choose the right strategy

Although it is a card game, Total War: Elysium requires tactical elements from the player to win. For example, you can customize your deck in the middle of a match using the Daybreak feature. This feature is great for helping players change tactics to turn the game in favor of their army. All your choices in this game require careful thought because just one wrong decision will result in the match being decided immediately.

Try your hand at PvP battlefields

After having a certain amount of gaming experience, you can try your hand at participating in real-time PvP matches. This is a playground for players around the world through an internet connection. Here, you will meet and fight the best strategists with rare cards that have never appeared. This means that you need to prepare a complete plan, using the right power of the cards to overcome the opponent. Thereby, receive worthy rewards to upgrade your strategic cards.

Sharp graphics

Total War: Elysium

Total War: Elysium offers very good image quality with details with a strong visual investment. As a result, famous historical figures are clearly recreated through strategic card-style battles. Although it is all shown through small cards, it is enough to make players feel the heroic atmosphere that takes place in each battle. Besides, combat effects and sound also contribute to creating moments of experience that really attract players.

How to install Total War: Elysium

Step 1: Download the (Original APK) version of Total War: Elysium from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings to allow mobile access apps.

Step 3: Tap Settings on the screen.

Step 4: Complete the installation, the icon β€œTotal War: Elysium” will appear. Touch the icon to experience the game.

Download Total War: Elysium APK for Android

In the present time, Total War: Elysium can be the best historical card game with many unique features. The battles in the game are not too fierce like other role-playing or tactical genres on the game market. Instead, the tactical element is the remarkable highlight that makes this game the choice of many players. How about you? So, let us know what you think about this game by commenting below this article.

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