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Tacape MOD APK is a card strategy game with rogue-lite elements. Join the game, you will enter the battle against legendary creatures. Let’s choose the most powerful cards and create powerful decks. You need to use them properly if you want to survive as long and complete your mission.

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Introduce about Tacape

Tacape – Simple but engaging survival strategy game

Have you ever played a card strategy game? Tacape is like that. It has just arrived on the Google Play store with a pre-registered version. But in our opinion, it will be a great game for those who like strategy. Not only has great gameplay, but this game also has a beautiful design and an engaging storyline. In its story, you accompany the characters and help them survive. Instead of using physical strength, you only need the wisdom to conquer death.

Join Lorena’s Journey

Entering the game, gamers will become Lorena or Lucas. Lorena is Lucas’ older sister, who was taken away by mysterious creatures while entering the forest. If in her role, your task is to face the enemy to find your brother. On the contrary, if you are Lucas, you need to overcome your fear to find a way out of the forest. Regardless of the role, gamers have a common goal: to destroy strange creatures to survive. Exciting battles await them ahead.

The battles take place naturally right on the vertical screen of the phone. In the battle, gamers need to gather cards to fight the enemy. Each card has its own power. They need to choose the right card to destroy each type of creature. Besides, they need to understand the enemy’s behavior and make wise moves. The game will not limit them to any strategy. Feel free to use the cards however you like.

Unlock countless powerful cards

Tacape offers more than 100 different cards. Each card has its own power source, so it has its own effect when used on the battlefield. Some cards deal damage to enemies, while others give you healing, speed boost, cooldown reduction, and more. Gamers need to understand the characteristics of each card and use them properly to optimize efficiency. Moreover, save the bonus to unlock more cards.

Cards can be upgraded to cause better effects. Therefore, upgrading cards is an important task. But the most important thing is the card combination strategy. Just by changing the position of the cards in your deck, countless new strategies form. Moreover, the game offers countless quests and hundreds of enemies. Every fight is different so you always need a new way of fighting.

Meet and fight dozens of enemies

More than 25 different types of enemies will appear on your journey. Each type of enemy has its own characteristics in terms of appearance, skills, origin, and more. It can be familiar animals in the forest such as bears, deer, wolves, birds, and more. But you also have the opportunity to meet witches, bats, vampires, and many other terrible Bosses. Get ready to face them and win.

Explore new areas

Tacape offers more than 4 areas to explore, like a jungle, cave, desert, and snowy land. In each place, there are characteristic creatures and they are your enemies. Therefore, when you set foot in a new land, you always need to learn to find a new strategy. Be flexible to replace the cards to refresh the way of attack and defense. Moreover, do not ignore the beauty of the landscape in each place in this game.

Beautiful classic 2D design

This game is only built with a simple 2D design. But it makes a good impression thanks to its ancient and mysterious style. It brings you into dark jungles, hot deserts, or cold snowy lands. In each place, creatures with strange appearances will surprise you. Moreover, the cards are well-designed, and so are the battle effects.

Each card has its own skill effect, making the battles exciting. Background music and skill sound are also quite catchy. So, even though it is a game on a vertical screen, Tacape can make gamers fall in love.

How to install Tacape

Step 1: Download Tacape APK available below the article.

Step 2: On your Android phone, enable unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the Tacape_modded-1.com.apk. Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation, then touch the game icon to play it.

Download Tacape MOD APK for Android

As can be seen, Tacape is a simple but interesting card strategy game. You do not need too many manipulations to control the battles or adventure journeys. Instead, you need to think about the strategy of using cards to win. Moreover, this is a chance to meet dozens of folk creatures from the dead land. Make an effort to win every war and find your brother.


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