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Update OnJuly 6, 2022
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Cultist Simulator APK is a great combination of simulation-style and card genre. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about fantasy stories through familiar card gameplay. You will give the most suitable cards at each level to complete the assigned task. First, let’s learn more about this game.

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Introduce about Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator – A card game mixed with Roguelike style

In this article, we will still bring you a game of the traditional simulation genre. But the gameplay of Cultist Simulator is very different from the rest of the products. This is a simulation game with unique cards from the famous publisher Playdigious. Join the game, you will have to prove your thinking ability by choosing the most suitable cards.

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Each card in the game will open a separate story for the player to freely explore the mysteries that exist in that card. Thereby, you need to learn the best ways to turn and change the situation in each situation you face. In addition, Cultist Simulator is a paid game to download through Google Play or App Store. You will have to pay a fee equivalent to $ 6.99 to be able to play the game for the time being.

Learn the mysteries of all mankind

The first highlight of Cultist Simulator is that the context in the game is extremely carefully invested. The story in the game is more of a fantasy element, where the player will play the role of a hunter who is trying to find and collect mysteries related to human history. The setting in the game shows us that it is located in the time period around 1920, when humans are constantly hunting for the gods and searching for secrets buried in the past. What they seek can be knowledge, money, power, beauty, or even fierce revenge.

Alternatively, you can earn cults for Red Grail or Witch-and-Sister and Forge of Days. Recruit believers and make them your disciples to make tracing and studying history easier than ever. What would you do when placed in the current situation? Please join the game by downloading the game through the APK link below this article to make your decision.

The gameplay is quite confusing

The gameplay of this game has the style of cards combined with the novel Roguelike style. So players will need a long time to access and manipulate proficiently in Cultist Simulator. The game is developed in a simulation-style combined with a tendency to tell stories. Players will become ordinary people in society. They must try to collect cards to find out the source of the power they have. bring.

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Each card in Cultist Simulator is represented by different elements or attributes such as health, intelligence, location, items, money, lore, love, and more. Initially, players will be in possession of career and health cards to start their journey in this game. You can combine cards quickly by dropping cards into the slots contained in the game’s built-in action buttons, then triggering the timer card to complete the card matching process.

Create new cards

After understanding the gameplay that the game brings, players will easily complete the assigned tasks and unlock the cards they want. During this time, new action buttons will appear to help players have more options such as talking, researching, dreaming, or exploring. However, not all active buttons are useful for players so you need to pay attention to that so as not to affect the progress of your experience.

Typically, players will eventually receive an action button that reflects their character’s time during the experience, which will automatically consume wealth cards. Besides, there are some cards that are usually created by action buttons. They also have timers attached and they will burn or can return to a different type of card. Thus, the moment-to-moment choices in Cultist Simulator not only further expand the story but also serve to direct it.

Carefully consider each of your decisions

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Cultist Simulator is a game that takes place in real-time but players can pause to review their cards and actions before making the next decision, which will help you minimize the mistakes you make. can be acquired. In addition, there are a lot of win conditions and failure factors in this game. Both of these factors are based on decisions and actions that players make. So you should consider them carefully before making your decision.

How to install Cultist Simulator

Step 1: Download the Cultist Simulator version (MOD or APK) by clicking the “Download” link at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Allow unknown installation so your device can install the downloaded APK or MOD file.

Step 3: Open the Cultist Simulator_modded-1.com.apk file and install it.

Step 4: Once the file is installed, you can open the file to experience the game right away.

Download Cultist Simulator APK for Android

Overall, Cultist Simulator is a card game with a relatively different way of operating compared to the rest. This game offers a lot of content that players can access and need a long time to explore. Moreover, this game supports multi-language so it will be suitable for any type of player.

Features MOD:

  • PAID/Patched


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