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Piglet’s Slidey Picnic APK is a board game combined with attractive sliding puzzle elements. The player’s task is simply to create a path for the cute piglets so that they can reach the most convenient destination. Of course, you will have to try a lot of different ways until you find the most suitable one.

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Introduce about Piglet’s Slidey Picnic

Piglet’s Slidey Picnic – A board game that offers fun sliding puzzles

Piglet's Slidey Picnic

Finding the most convenient way for the piglets in Piglet’s Slidey Picnic will help you feel the relaxation when enjoying. This is a brand new sliding puzzle game from the publisher tnkplay that helps train your brain. Players will find ways to help the pig move from the starting point to the destination through the pairing icons on the screen.

Each area will be represented by a square icon, moving these blocks will create a path for the pig quickly. Things are not simple at all when there are many new locations with different obstacles. You should try downloading this game through Google Play to verify it now.

Sliding puzzle game

Join the game, players will have the task of sliding the icons on the screen to find the way to move from the starting point to the destination point. Moving the puzzle pieces continuously will help you create seamless paths so that the pig can move easily. In fact, each game screen has only one correct moving path, so you need to consider each of your sliding operations.

Most blocks can be moved to an empty area in this game. So don’t hesitate to try different approaches until you find the most effective approach. Forming a seamless path is not easy at all, you can take advantage of the image of the pipes to make the most suitable decisions.

Simple controls

Like most puzzle games of the same genre, Piglet’s Slidey Picnic has a relatively simple control method. Players just need to touch the blocks on the screen and slide in the desired direction. There is quite a bit of free space that appears so you can take advantage of this to slide the matching blocks. At the same time, there are a fixed number of blocks that appear at any level. You can’t move the blocks with your hands, but match the matching blocks to link them together and form a path.

More than 3000 levels with increasing difficulty

The difficulty of each level in the game will continuously increase to make players have to show their great puzzle ability to complete. Accordingly, Piglet’s Slidey Picnic offers 50 different modes with 60 stages in each world. This means that you will face more than 3000 different levels when playing the game.

At the same time, each location in the challenges will also have a significant change for players to always enjoy. Don’t worry, you can explore the challenges that this game offers without a time limit. That is, players can try again and again until they find the most correct solution. In addition, the fewer steps you take in each level, the more you will have a chance to get 3 stars.

Fun animated 2D graphics

The way to develop 2D graphics combined with fun animation details helps to attract a wide range of players. Besides creating cute characters, players will see a lot of different environments appear on the screen. Moreover, the bright colors in the game will help you feel the excitement right from the first experience. Besides, the lively sound system combined with the background music also contributes to creating a memorable experience for players.

Collect unique pigs

Piglet’s Slidey Picnic provides players with many unique pigs to make the puzzle process more engaging. You need to complete the required progress from the system to be able to collect your favorite pigs. Currently, this game has more than 20 beautiful pigs with different fashion styles that will surely make you feel excited. After successfully collecting, you can use any pig you want in each stage to feel more interesting when playing. The names of the pigs also have a difference for players to easily distinguish.

How to install Piglet’s Slidey Picnic

Step 1: Download the APK version of Piglet’s Slidey Picnic from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your mobile.

Step 3: Click on Piglet’s Slidey Picnic_modded-1.com.apk file and install it.

Step 4: Follow the instructions and touch the icon of the game after successful installation to experience it.

Download Piglet’s Slidey Picnic APK for Android

Piglet’s Slidey Picnic is a highly entertaining board game that will keep you mentally entertained and relaxed to the fullest extent. Through simple matching game screens with super cute graphics, you will enjoy endless moments of entertainment. Moreover, this game also offers an extremely diverse screen system with many different areas waiting for you to explore.

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