Worms 3 MOD APK 2.1.705708 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Download

Team 17 Digital Limited
Update OnMarch 28, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlocked All
Category Arcade Games
RequiresAndroid 4.1
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The aggressive worms have returned and become more powerful in Worms 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All) – The next version of Worms 2: Armageddon from the publisher Team 17 Digital Limited. Use your bombs deftly to destroy those who get in the way in online multiplayer battles. Are you ready?

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Introduce about Worms 3

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Worms 3 is a game that has been storming the java game market since 2012. So far, it is available on mobile platforms for all players to enjoy. With the attractive strategy gameplay, the game has quickly received the love of numerous fans. It has now reached over 1 million installs on Google Play. Its popularity is not inferior to its predecessor – Worms 2: Armageddon that is out earlier, though both are paid games. So with the latest version – Worms 3, what will it be different and new? Let’s explore it now.


Worms 3 is a classic strategy game. In a match, each player will act in turn. Players collect and use cards to place weapons and blow up enemy areas on the map, thereby scoring and winning. The remarkable thing here is the battlefield setting in the game. Players will participate in fascinating expeditions in tunnels, drainage systems, beaches, farms. It is inhabited by small insects, especially worms and worms. This is an opportunity to explore the vivid tiny world.

Build a squad

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The character of the player in the game is displayed in the form of funny and aggressive worms. Each person can own such a squad of worms and customize them as you like. Worms 3 offers a wide range of customizable items, including Hats, Glasses, Mustache, and more to let players enjoy creating unique styles for their squad. However, this will cost you a lot of money, as customization is not free. In addition, players can also choose Speech Bank to hear the voices of characters in multiple languages.

Game mode

In Worms 3, players can participate in battles in Multiplayer fortresses or in Deathmatch mode. Additionally, they have the chance to challenge themselves with Bodycount in single-player mode with increasingly difficult challenges. In each mode, there will be a very diverse mission system, allowing players to experience 4 different battlefield modes including Beach, Spooky, Farm, and Drainage. Besides, new missions and modes are also regularly updated to provide an increasingly rich experience.

Weapons collection

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The player’s weapon is shown as cards. Players need to collect them as much as possible for use in matches. There are many types of weapon cards with certain advantages and disadvantages. How you choose and use them depends on your squad’s tactics. Each player can have different tactics, so they can use different weapons. This creates the attractiveness and element of surprise in every match. Especially in battles in Multiplayer mode, the variety of strategies is huge.

Game Mode

Players could play to their preferences in Worms 3, but most of them loved the battles in global online tournaments. Here, the challenge is big, so each player needs to work harder to create mutations and master the game from the very first steps. By winning these battles, players will gain prestigious positions on the leaderboards, along with rewards of money and other useful items. Remember, money is the most valuable thing in the game.


Worms 3 possesses a relatively simple controller, suitable for all players on mobile platforms. In the lower-left corner of the screen, there is a multidimensional key that helps control the direction of the character’s movement. When attacking, players need to click on the weapon card, drag on the screen to adjust the direction of fire, and drop to shoot at the target. In general, on-screen gestures revolve around drag, drop, and touch operations. Therefore, players of all ages can quickly get to know them and master them.


Although Worms 3 only has a 2D graphics platform, what it presents is good enough to please all players. Its design style is a bit classic, with simple cartoon lines and a harmonious background of colors. The pictures in the game, especially the characters, have a rather small but detailed shape. In addition, the effects and sounds in the game are really vivid, contributing to the realistic depiction of classic bomb explosions in matches.

How to install Worms 3

Step 1: Download Worms 3 (MOD Money) version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On Android phone. Unlock unknown settings.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: Open the game Worms 3 and experience.

Download Worms 3 MOD APK for Android

With the return of Worms 3, fans will have the chance to experience matches with the most unique collection and style. Lots of adorable characters will return along with new fun character images. Along with that, the weapon cards, the new battle scene, the new game mode … will also be factors that make you more excited than ever. The craziest games with individual multiplayer plays can be inhibited but full of attraction and charisma. Are you ready to join them?

MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All


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