Spooky Squashers MOD APK 1.0 (Unlocked All) Download

NameSpooky Squashers
PublisherRaviv Elon
Category Arcade Games
Latest Version1.0
RequiresAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
Package google play
Update OnNovember 18, 2020

Download Spooky Squashers MOD APK (Unlocked All) – This is a game that will bring players to an extremely interesting battle between a tennis player and a large zombie army. Do you know how this battle will play out? Refer to this article to understand better.

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Introduce about Spooky Squashers

download spooky squashers mod apk

Spooky Squashers is a game from publisher Raviv Elon. Basically, this game is developed in a conventional arcade genre combined with monster elements that promise to give players a unique experience.

In the game, players will come to a real tennis court to fight other monsters. This means that you will have to hit the ball on one of the four walls and bounce back at the enemy to defeat the army of monsters. Currently, this game is available on both the App Store as well as Google Play. So, players can easily download the game and experience it on many different mobile devices.


Without any background or story appearing in Spooky Squashers, players will begin their journey from the very first experience of the game. You will accompany a character shaped quite similar to a pumpkin, with a tennis racket as the main weapon. To be able to defeat monsters on the map, players just need to smash tennis balls at them.

The player’s task is simply to touch and hold his finger on the screen to help the character move and catch the ball, and perform the next attack to destroy the enemy. Remember that you are only provided with a certain number of tennis balls at each level and that is also your kills. Note, the main character will not be able to die. But if you use up the provided amount of ball and cannot destroy all zombies, you will have to start everything over.

Fight in a closed room

Spooky Squashers will take players to a closed room that has only 4 surrounding walls. You have only one way to get out of this place that is to defeat all enemies. The operation of this game is also quite simple. Players will start the battle by touching the screen to hit the ball in the middle of the room. The ball will fly according to the laws of physics every time it collides with the wall or the zombies in the room. In general, this physics rule is not too unfamiliar at the moment. And it has appeared in the previous extremely successful game BBTAN.

How to win?

The game is quite fast-paced. So, players need to make sure the ball does not hit the wall more than three times in a row without colliding with the enemy or being hit by your racket. If it happens then you lose one supplied ball in each level, and as mentioned above each ball counts as a kill.

Besides, the player can also lose a life when hit by an enemy. So not only trying to keep the ball active, but you also have to control your character to move continuously to avoid the enemies scattered on the screen.

Use power-ups to increase power

Although the difficulty of Spooky Squashers will increase continuously in each level, do not worry too much. There will be some power-ups appearing to make things simpler. There will be power-changing balls such as bowling balls or rockets randomly spawned on the map. Typically the bowling ball will allow it to bounce more times, or the rocket ball will burn all opponents on the map. Collect them to increase the strength of the character.

In addition, this game also allows players to change weapons continuously on each game screen. Instead of using the regular tennis racket, you can use different hammer weapons, baseball bat, shovel. Remember that these options have no other special abilities, just make the gameplay more interesting and unique only.

Classic graphics

Perhaps graphics are not an advantage of Spooky Squashers compared to other products in the current gaming market. This game only owned the usual 2D graphics format. The details are designed not too special and quite similar to the games a few decades ago. Although possessing a spooky theme, the characters in the game are quite fun and suitable for many players in the present time. If you are a fan of simplicity, Spooky Squashers will definitely not disappoint you when experiencing.

How to install Spooky Squashers

Step 1: Request uninstalls Google Play if you want to use the MOD version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Download version (MOD, Unlocked All) for Android for free.

Step 3: Install.

Step 4: The installation is complete, the game icon will appear “Spooky Squashers by MODDED-1”.

Download Spooky Squashers MOD APK for Android

Hopefully, after consulting this article, you will understand more about what Spooky Squashers brings. This game is really suitable for those players who love the simplicity from the gameplay side to the quality of the graphics. Basically, the gameplay of this game does not require the player to do too much. And you will not experience pressure during the experience. Therefore, download the game right now to enjoy the entertainment moments that it brings.

MOD Feature:

  • Unlocked All


  • Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
  • Please see Installation Guide from

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