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Update OnNovember 24, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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PinBall Magic MOD APK is a combination of shooting elements and fighting monsters along the way. More specifically, the player will transform into a mage who happens to pick up a magic stone. The power of this stone allows you to create different spells to destroy all enemies and explore an endless adventure with a variety of unique content.

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Introduce about PinBall Magic

PinBall Magic – Arcade game that transforms into a witch in a roguelike adventure

Magical battles in PinBall Magic are demonstrated through engaging in pinball challenges. Accordingly, you will play the role of a young magician who is learning how to control the magic stone. Things are not simple when there are powerful monsters appearing everywhere. Therefore, the game from the publisher Jelly4Studio requires players to come up with reasonable battle strategies to defeat all enemies.

PinBall Magic

You are not allowed to lose in this game because everything will start all over again. Join a fascinating roguelike adventure through the perspective of a potential wizard by downloading PinBall Magic now. This game is currently available on Google Play and the APK link is below this article. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the pinball gameplay combined with the attractive monster fighting element available.

Join pinball matches

The gameplay of PinBall Magic revolves around highly entertaining pinball matches. The player’s task is simply to perform reasonable ball-shooting operations to help his character launch powerful combos toward the enemy. The more balls are destroyed, the higher the bonus power will be. At the same time, physical elements are also added to this game so that players feel more realistic when playing.

You won’t be able to know exactly what might happen to your ball because the bounce of the ball changes continuously from time to time. Besides, the difficulty of each level in the game will also increase continuously. This means that you need to destroy more balls in one operation if you want to defeat all the enemies in front of you. Just perform the operation to shoot the pinball and the character will automatically attack the enemy immediately.

Use different magic balls

download pinball magic magic battle mod

The number of magic balls in this game is also very diverse with many options for players. Each ball will have many different skills that require players to learn carefully to maximize the effect they bring. These can be large-area meteor emitting balls, threatening lightning bolts, ice traps that freeze enemies, and more. You can easily destroy your enemies with the many interesting skills these balls provide. But believe me, the bounce rate of each ball will have a marked change that will surely make you not know what will happen next.

Collect legendary equipment

Weapons and equipment in PinBall Magic also contribute to increasing the main character’s attack power and defense. In fact, players can equip up to 6 items for their character, including weapons. Each piece of equipment has different qualities that are very prominently expressed through specific colors. The higher the quality and level of each piece of equipment, the higher the stats they bring. You should look for legendary equipment for your character to increase the win rate.

Endless battle content

Dozens of different dungeons divided into several stages are waiting for you to explore in this game. Each screen has many potential powerful enemies ready to destroy the main character at any time. Remember that enemies will get stronger over time so you need to find ways to grow your strength continuously. Enjoy explosive combos with huge damage by owning the most powerful equipment. Believe me, the experience of fighting with the giant Boss will make you impossible to miss.

Beautiful 2D animated graphics

download pinball magic magic battle apk

PinBall Magic possesses beautiful 2D graphics quality that helps users easily immerse themselves in classic magic battles. Most of the characters are designed in a cute cartoon style, even the monsters do not make you too scared when confronting them. At the same time, the attack effects are also presented very intuitively through many different colors that will surely impress you. In addition, the sound is also a factor contributing to your vivid experience when playing.

How to install PinBall Magic

Step 1: You can download PinBall Magic APK or MOD via the “Download” link at the bottom of the article. After downloading, you will receive a file in the form of .apk.

Step 2: Click on the file and install it.

Step 3: Please wait for a moment for the installation to complete. The game will then be ready to play right on your phone.

Download PinBall Magic MOD APK for Android

A brand new style pinball battle awaits you to discover in PinBall Magic. Everything comes from magic stones, enjoy the battle your own way by aiming accurately. If you want to increase your winning rate, try downloading the MOD version on our website.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Gem
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Attack Multiplier
  • Unlocked No Ads


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