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Update OnJune 11, 2022
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Merge Monster - Fantasy War

Merge Monster – Fantasy War MOD APK is a place for players to show their fusion ability to win fierce battles. Your task in this game is quite simple, it is to merge monsters and warriors to help them become stronger in each battle. In this article, we will help you better understand this game.

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Introduce about Merge Monster – Fantasy War

Merge Monster – Fantasy War – The arcade game developed in the merge style

If you are looking for an interesting merge game to experience, then Merge Monster – Fantasy War will be an optimal choice. This is a product developed by the publisher Connect Mobile inc. Although only appearing on Google Play in the form of early access, this game quickly gained more than 100 thousand installs.

By joining the game, you will have the opportunity to develop your army by merging units of soldiers on the screen. The way of merging in Merge Monster – Fantasy War will not change too much compared to other games of the same genre. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to participate in exciting battles with enemy armies possessing optimal strength. Get ready to prove your talent by leading the army and helping them become mighty.

Simple operating mechanism

Like most games of the same genre, Merge Monster – Fantasy War has a relatively simple operation mechanism suitable for all types of players, including children. Basically, players will start their work by merging similar heroes to create a more complete version of themselves.

The merging mechanism in the game will not make you feel confused. Simply touch the two characters’ icons on the screen and they will automatically merge together. After you have a strong enough army, you can send them to battle with other powerful enemies.

Build your own army

The fusion element in Merge Monster – Fantasy War allows players to freely create the most powerful strategies and characters. Accordingly, this game brings a lot of different fusion content, which can be said to be endless for players to explore over a long period of time.

Not only merge powerful warriors, but you can also evolve a mere monster into a giant with optimal strength. Besides, you can find many strange creatures with outstanding strength waiting in this game.

Start challenging battles

Fierce battles are the most important factor that helps Merge Monster – Fantasy War become attractive to many players. The enemies you have to face are creatures with destructive power. They are ready to destroy any enemy that dares to appear in front of them. Therefore, the challenge that you have to overcome in this game is not simple at all.

Moreover, the appearance of Bosses at each level will also contribute to creating more attractive matches. This is the time when you need to use reasonable troop placement tactics to increase the victory rate. Besides becoming a fusion master, you also have to learn how to develop the right tactics in certain battles.

Difficulty increases gradually

Join Merge Monster – Fantasy War, players will quickly notice the difficulty will increase gradually after each battle. Each level is a new challenge with many things that you need to solve if you want to win. Newness is always a factor that attracts players when experiencing this exciting merge game. Moreover, the content in the game will continuously increase in the upcoming versions which will definitely bring players a more unique experience.

Funny cartoon graphics

It can be seen that Merge Monster – Fantasy War is one of the few games that possess merge gameplay with a thorough investment in graphics. Accordingly, this game possesses a bright and colorful graphic background thanks to the relatively harmonious layout of details, giving players an interesting feeling right from the first experience. The special thing is that players will be taken to different locations on each level. So you will always be interested in what appears on the screen. In addition, the transition effect in this game is relatively smooth and can work stably on devices with low configuration.

How to install Merge Monster – Fantasy War

Step 1: Download the APK file of Merge Monster – Fantasy War at our website by clicking on the “Download” link available below the article.

Step 2: Click to open the file and allow your Android phone to install “unknown sources”.

Step 3: The installation process will take place quickly and you can play the game right after.

If you have difficulty downloading or installing, you can contact us for help as soon as possible.

Download Merge Monster – Fantasy War MOD APK for Android

Merge Monster – Fantasy War is really a very suitable game for you to entertain in the present time. It possesses gameplay that is not too different from other games but left us with a lot of impressions during the experience. If you are looking for a game that gives you a lot of challenges, then Merge Monster – Fantasy War will definitely be a good choice.

Features MOD:

  • DMG x1-x100
  • Def x1-x100


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