Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper APK 1.2.5 [Full Game] Download for Android

Euphoria Horror Games
Update OnJanuary 14, 2023
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Rescue the kidnapped children in Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper APK will give you interesting puzzle challenges. This is an arcade game with elements of horror where you will transform into a brave guy and start a scary adventure. First, let’s learn more about this game.

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Introduce about Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper

Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper – Arcade game combined with horror elements

A thrilling adventure is waiting for you to discover in Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper. By joining the game, you will have the opportunity to find out the truth about kidnapped children through the exciting puzzle process. You are alone on this journey, so do your best to complete the assigned challenge.

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Besides, publisher Euphoria Horror Games also added many other interactive elements during the move. You need to make sure that you don’t miss any clues that lead to the final end of the game. Currently, you can download this game through Google Play or App Store to discover it right away.

Uncover the mysterious kidnapping story

In this first part, Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper will bring players to the story of mysterious child abduction. Accordingly, children have been kidnapped regularly at Lakewitch but no one has been able to find the real culprit. As a brave person, you need to transform into the main character and find out the mystery of these never-ending kidnappings.

There are many questions to be asked, and you will answer your questions through the available clues. There are some questions such as “who is the kidnapper?”, “why does he have to do this?”, “what do abduct children have in common?” and “how can the perpetrator kidnap innocent children for such a long period of time?”. The questions will be answered one by one, but trust me, you need to remain persistent and fearless.

Find the puzzle clues

Maybe you are the one who can solve all the secrets in this place and save the gentle children. First, you will control the main character to move around the map with the aim of finding available clues. Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper offers lots of clues popping up along the way. Each of these will help you get closer to your goal of rescuing your kids.

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There are many puzzles, items to find, and different locations that you have to complete in this game. The connection between the puzzles will help you gradually understand the main story of Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper. Besides, you need to find a way to escape the kidnapper’s pursuit if you don’t want to play again from the beginning. At the same time, the control method in the game is quite simple with the virtual keys on the screen. So it will not take you too long to get used to it.

Confront the fearsome villain

In some cases, the player will have to confront the villain, but you need to find a way to hide from him. He wears a mysterious mask so you won’t be able to tell who he really is. In addition to the puzzle quest, you will have to hide, run, jump and even learn how to use the tools around to distract the villain. Just a moment of distraction, you will be discovered by him and have to play from the beginning. Remember that the villain will become more and more vigilant, so you need to do everything in silence.

Many places to explore

Up to now, Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper provides players with 5 different locations to explore. Each location will appear with a certain number of clues that require you to collect them all. Of course, not all clues are easy to find so you need to pay attention to all the clues to make sure you don’t miss anything. Besides, all the scenes in the game are built in the style of the 90s, promising to bring you great experiences.

Graphics and sound

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In addition to attractive content, Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper also possesses extremely well-designed graphics and sound. The graphics of this game are beautifully stylized with dark images appearing on the screen, accompanied by smooth transition effects. Moreover, the background music played will make everything more tense and suspenseful than ever. Overall, the graphics and sound of this game will contribute to a more enjoyable experience for players.

How to install Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper

Step 1: Download the APK version of Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper developed at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: After the download is complete, click the Install button that appears on the screen to install.

Step 3: Touch the icon of Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper on the main screen to enjoy the game after finishing the installation process.

Download Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper APK for Android

Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper is full of horror elements and fascinating puzzles for players to explore freely. Moreover, the built-in arcade genre will make the difficulty of each level in the game significantly increase which will surely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen while playing.

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