Hoard Master 0.9.1 APK + MOD [Unlimited Money] Download

Rollic Games
Update OnDecember 12, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Arcade Games
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Hoard Master MOD APK is an extremely suitable arcade game to kill your idle time. The simple operating mechanism is the factor that makes this game suitable for many players. Your task is to control a bottomless black hole that swallows everything on the map and completes the assigned tasks.

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Introduce about Hoard Master

Hoard Master – Arcade game with simple approachable mechanics

Hoard Master

Cosmic black holes are one of the mysteries that scientists still cannot fully explain at the present time. There are many theories that a black hole can swallow any object it approaches. And you will test this by experiencing Hoard Master right now. More specifically, players will have the opportunity to control a space black hole with strong gravity.

It can easily devour everything on the screen and give you valuable rewards. There are not too many requirements set in the game from this publisher Rollic Games. You simply control the black hole on the screen and collect as much content as you can. With over 5 million installs on Google Play, we believe this game will not let you down with the content available.

The gameplay revolves around the activity of black holes

As mentioned, the black hole is considered the main character in Hoard Master. The power of this black hole has been proven when it can suck any object on the screen and bring you a certain amount of money. All you need to do is devour all the items on the screen to convert them into cash. There isn’t anything a black hole can’t suck up on the screen. But first, you need to upgrade the black hole to help it increase in size before thinking about sucking in larger objects.

Simple control mechanism

There are no complications present in this game, including the control method. Basically, Hoard Master allows players to effectively control the black hole by touching the screen and conducting control in the specified direction. Black Hole will automatically suck everything when it comes close so you won’t need to do too much. Besides, this game also does not have any form of punishment if you lose. You just need to play over and over again to improve your score after each play.

The designed objects are very diverse

The objects in Hoard Master are also one of the notable highlights that help it attract many players. Accordingly, all objects in the game are inspired by reality and designed in many different shapes and colors. You can easily see symbols like round coins, hearts, ovals, square bars, and more. Each object will be different in size, so you need to upgrade the size of the black hole regularly to swallow them all. In general, diverse objects will help ensure that the player’s experience is always at the most enjoyable level.

Collect coins and use them effectively

The rewards in Hoard Master are quite diverse, each object will give you a certain amount of money when collected. The more objects you collect, the higher the amount you will receive. In addition to the purpose of using money to expand the size of the black hole, you can also think of unlocking higher-value materials. Believe me, you just need to persist in collecting new objects to expand your capital immediately.

Upgrade the size of a black hole

This is an extremely important factor to help your black hole achieve higher efficiency in each stage. Initially, the speed and size of the black hole will be limited. Therefore, it cannot swallow large objects or slow down your object collection progress. Therefore, the upgrade factor is essential to help you easily complete the levels in Hoard Master. There are many factors that you need to consider when upgrading a black hole, which are the ability to eat, move speed, and the ability to store.

Simple graphics, bright colors

The quality of graphics in Hoard Master is also true to the purpose of targeting many players around the world. More specifically, this game brings extremely simple designed images with bright colors. Each object in the game will have a completely different shape and size so players can distinguish it easily. Moreover, simple graphics will also help low-end devices can approach and play games more smoothly.

How to install Hoard Master

Step 1: Download Hoard Master (original APK or MOD) at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your mobile device to allow the MOD file to be installed.

Step 3: Install the Hoard Master_MOD_modded-1.com file.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until the installation is complete. Click the icon to experience the game right away.

Download Hoard Master MOD APK for Android

Overall, Hoard Master will bring you moments of impressive entertainment through the simple game mechanics it brings. Accompanying that is the quality of colorful graphics and a constantly changing environment. This will definitely help you not to get bored when playing the game for a long time.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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