Hero Survival MOD APK 1.0.0 [Menu/High DMG/God Mode] Download

Update OnSeptember 6, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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A series of powerful enemies and monsters are appearing in Hero Survival MOD APK with the aim of threatening life around the world. Join the game, you will transform into a brave hero with the task of destroying all enemies in each stage. This is a roguelike game with a lot of interesting content waiting for you to discover, don’t miss it.

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Introduce about Hero Survival

Hero Survival – Arcade game with survival elements in a magical world

Hero Survival

Enjoy a survival experience based on your skilled fighting skills in the mysterious magical world. Hero Survival will bring players uncompromising battles with a series of powerful enemies and monsters. Transforming into a hero with skilled combat skills, you need to do everything to defeat all enemies to protect the peace of the world.

Publisher Ninetap confirms that this is a game that does not use the “Pay to Win” form like many other games of the same genre. Therefore, the player’s effective combat skills will be the most important factor leading to victory. If you want to survive in the game, you must possess superior strength compared to other enemies. Now, Hero Survival is available on Google Play, please download it to learn more.

Fight waves of enemies

Without going through any tutorials or other content in the first experience, Hero Survival will give players uncompromising battles immediately. Here, you will find a way to fight the army of monsters that are approaching you. Their goal is to destroy the main character as soon as possible, and you must not let this happen.

After defeating a specific number of monsters, you will be transferred to other areas with the appearance of stronger monsters. This means that the content of this game will grow more and more, and you need to upgrade your character regularly to fend off waves of enemies. Things will become more difficult in the next stages, do everything to keep your character safe.

Simple control mechanism

The simplicity of the control method of mobile games is now being loved by many players. If you are a lover of simple and accessible content, then Hero Survival will be a great choice. More specifically, your character will automatically fight enemies through available weapons.

The system will prioritize attacking the most powerful enemies to help your hero minimize damage. All you need to do is move wisely to dodge attacks coming from enemies. If you let enemies surround you, your chances of survival will be greatly reduced, so keep your focus throughout the game.

Create effective combat skills

The character’s battle skill chains will be an important factor to help you fight all enemies in Hero Survival. Indeed, this game offers more than 40 fighting techniques and 20 different abilities to fight in each battle. To unlock the whole thing, you are required to overcome each challenge that this game brings. Of course, enemies will also become stronger over time so you need to increase their strength as soon as possible. At the same time, the battle skill icons will also be displayed in the bottom corner of the screen for players to easily observe.

Discover unique equipment

Hero Survival provides an extremely diverse equipment system for players to freely choose. Each piece of equipment will help your character increase a certain number of stats in this uncompromising battle. For example, a shoe will increase running speed, a shield will increase defense, and more. At the same time, different weapons will also have separate combat skills and attack ranges. You can use a bow if you want to attack from a distance or use a sword for an effective close-range attack. Don’t forget to upgrade equipment to make them more effective.

Simple but very attractive graphics

In fact, the simple graphic development of this game will make you feel impressed the first time. All the details in the game are developed in a simple style combined with a diverse color system. Accordingly, you will immediately feel the vibrancy in each battle that you participate in. Besides, the monster system is also designed very diversely with many different styles. In general, the display quality of this game is quite good. Please download it to feel better.

How to install Hero Survival

Step 1: You need to download the complete version of Hero Survival APK from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Go to “Security” and unlock unknown sources to allow the game to access the phone.

Step 3: Open the Hero Survival APK file. Click install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until the installation is complete. Click on the available icon to play the game.

Download Hero Survival MOD APK for Android

Hero Survival will help you join an endless journey of a brave hero. The appearance of monsters will make this journey extremely difficult. But believe me, you just need to focus on control to be able to overcome any challenge. Download this game at our website to learn more.

Features MOD:

  • High DMG
  • God Mode


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