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Silest Studio
Update OnJuly 18, 2022
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Forsaken Hospital APK is a new game that fans of the horror series cannot miss. You have 3 days to find a way to escape from the ghost hospital, find the tools available and find a way to solve difficult puzzles. Can you survive?

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Introduce about Forsaken Hospital

Forsaken Hospital – 3D horror game with immersive graphics quality

Forsaken Hospital

Forsaken Hospital is a new name from the publisher Silest Studio. Despite the “late birth”, this game has now attracted thousands of fans of the horror series. It will make you overwhelmed with the careful investment in images, sound, dialogue, content… Especially in terms of graphics, it possesses immersive graphic quality with a surreal context, promising to bring you a real horror feeling. Besides, this game also incorporates a unique puzzle mechanism. It is cleverly integrated into the player’s horror experience to provide unexpected challenges. So, if you are a fan of the horror game genre that combines puzzles, this is an option you can’t refuse. Go to it and find that feeling of dread you’ve wanted for so long.

The story is meticulously constructed

Before getting to the main gameplay of Forsaken Hospital, we will talk about the game’s plot because it is really worth discussing. The game takes place in a hospital located in the North of Morocco. It is a hospital that has been prosecuted for illegal surgery and the torture of patients. Since 1995, it has been permanently closed, until Richard Farroukh, an expert in paranormal investigations, came here and did some mysterious surveys.

He quickly realized the hospital wasn’t really empty. Supernatural phenomena such as tables, chairs falling, or ghostly laughter from patients and especially the silhouette of a doctor keep wandering somewhere in the hospital. However, during his adventure in this old hospital, Richard was attacked by the doctor and locked in the operating room. Since then, his survey has turned into a never-ending run. He will have 3 days to find a way out of the hospital and uncover the mysteries here. So, what will he do? That answer will be for you, who plays investigator Richard.

Surreal horror gameplay

If you already know the story of Forsaken Hospital, welcome to an authentic experience at the old ghost hospital. Currently, the player is locked in the operating room, and the first thing to do is to find a way out of it. They will have to search for important items such as keys, axes, sticks … to unlock the door. Then there will be two directions, left or right. Choose according to your thoughts and see what happens. Note, if unlucky, the player will encounter a doctor with a needle in his hand. And he won’t leave you alone.

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If you get hit by a doctor, you will pass out and continue to wake up in the operating room. But the player’s task is always to find a way to escape from this hospital before the third day is over. If the mission cannot be completed, the player will die in the hospital. So, to conquer this game, gamers need to discover the most useful escape routes. There won’t be much time for each player, so make good use of it.

Challenging puzzles

Those sentences will be integrated throughout the player’s experience at Forsaken Hospital. They need to tackle all of them to be responsible risk-takers. The puzzles will be quite simple at first but will become more and more complex. Therefore, players need to learn how to approach the gameplay of the game early to be ready to conquer the puzzles. Besides, players also need to be familiar with the controls to facilitate movement and puzzle-solving.

The main operations will include sitting, running, picking up items, and flashlights. Players can use the flashlight at all times to search for items and navigate. The quizzes are important, helping to lead gamers to the answer to their experience. Therefore, the wise player will know how to take advantage of every puzzle to find a way to escape.

Realistic 3D graphics, vivid sound

The most important thing in a horror game is the graphics. And Forsaken Hospital has really done it well. The player’s experience will take place on a 3D platform from a first-person perspective. Thanks to that, they will feel very realistic in all activities from observing, sitting, running, holding items …

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Besides, the game context is meticulously built with many realistic scenes in the hospital. The light is darkened in combination with gloomy colors, making an important contribution to creating the vividness of the game scene. In addition, the sound is also an indispensable element to highlight the horror experience of the game.

How to install Forsaken Hospital

Step 1: Download the version Forsaken Hospital (MOD or APK) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and select install.

Step 3: The game file will be installed on your phone, please wait a moment to complete it.

Step 4: Click open Forsaken Hospital when it completes the installation. You can then select “Play” to start playing right away.

Download Forsaken Hospital APK for Android

Forsaken Hospital will make horror game fans happy. It has the best elements to make the horror experience come to life on the phone. You can roleplay the character in the first person and explore the surreal 3D game scene. Besides, the puzzles are also very interesting to explore. Attention, the doctor can be behind you at any time. The best solution is to run in the opposite direction.

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