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Update OnJune 13, 2022
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Cyber ​​Gunner MOD APK brings adventures in the vast space. Here, players will have the opportunity to meet with heroes developed in chibi and anime style. Your task is to defeat the opponents in front of you to complete the challenges and learn about the storyline that the game brings.

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Introduce about Cyber ​​Gunner

Cyber ​​Gunner – Arcade game combined with the familiar chicken shooting style

Do you want to experience space battles with the help of modern weapons? Cyber ​​Gunner is a typical arcade game that allows you to satisfy your passion in an instant. Coming to this game, players will become heroes with great strength with the task of protecting the world from the invasion of alien creatures.

Cyber ​​Gunner

Moreover, the publisher Lemon Jam Studio also offers a horizontal screen style so you can easily observe the battles in an overview. Currently, you can download Cyber ​​Gunner through Google Play or APK link below this article. If you are a lover of games with anime and chibi-style design, this game will be a great choice.

Compelling plot, with depth

Cyber ​​Gunner is set in the future when the world has become extremely developed with outstanding inventions. Humans have expanded power plants on different planets to power the Earth. However, the radiation of the universe has gradually caused these power plants to emit powerful rays.

At the same time, the creatures that saw these reflected rays turned into giant creatures and attacked the people here. Do not let the situation get worse, you need to quickly form your own army and be ready to fight these fearsome creatures. Remember that you will need to meet a lot of factors to be able to develop your character into a true hero.

Familiar shooting role-playing gameplay

Basically, Cyber ​​Gunner has a relatively familiar shooting role-playing game for many players. The operation of this game is quite similar to the classic chicken shooting game. But instead of attacking the vertical screen, you will do everything on the horizontal screen. That is, the hero will appear on the left side of the screen and the army of monsters will appear from the right.

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Moreover, each mission will give you completely different challenges with an increasing number of enemy troops. Besides, the control method of Cyber ​​Gunner is also suitable for the majority of players at the moment. You simply perform a swipe on the screen to help the character move properly, and your character will automatically shoot bullets forward.

Weapons and special skills

The help of diverse weapons will help players have more options when fighting. Accordingly, each weapon in Cyber ​​Gunner will have a separate fighting method, accompanied by a somewhat changed damage index. For example, there are weapons that are more powerful when hitting a target, or weapons that increase the combat area but deal less damage. In addition, the special skills of the main characters also really make us feel excited. You can click on the skill icon on the screen to help your character release energy to destroy charge targets first.

Diverse character system

In order to give players more choices, Cyber ​​Gunner offers more than 20 different characters to fight in challenging battles. Moreover, you also have the right to customize the fighting style of each character according to your own wishes to feel the excitement. Characters can also upgrade their strength stats through the money they earn after each battle. Don’t miss the upgrade process to help them become stronger.

Beautiful 3D graphics

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The quality of 3D graphics is also one of the factors that make this game more attractive to players. All the details appearing in Cyber ​​Gunner are carefully designed from the characters to the surroundings of the battles. Moreover, the battle effects in the game also make us interesting in the enjoyment. The combat effects have diverse colors, accompanied by a diverse sound system that will surely make you feel satisfied.

How to install Cyber ​​Gunner

To be able to use the special version of Cyber ​​Gunner developed by MODDED-1.COM, it is necessary to uninstall Google Play and the original APK.

Step 1: Download Cyber ​​Gunner (APK & MOD) version at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click install and wait until the process is finished.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “Cyber ​​Gunner by MODDED-1.COM”. You have completed the installation process.

Download Cyber ​​Gunner MOD APK for Android

Cyber ​​Gunner is an impressive outer-space arcade game that promises to bring you unforgettable experiences. Of course, the difficulty of each level will increase continuously, so you will need a lot of factors to be able to win. If you want, you can also download the MOD version on our website to use special features.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode
  • Damage Multiplier


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