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Update OnMay 26, 2022
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Teslagrad APK is a new super product come from the famous publisher Playdigious. This game will take you from place to place to explore the story of the protagonist and solve puzzles the mysteries. There are many challenges set in this game, so what will you do to face them on your upcoming journey? Download the game and play now to answer this question.

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Introduce about Teslagrad

download teslagrad

Recently, Playdigious has officially launched the game Teslagrad on mobile. Before that, it was released on the PC platform and earned huge installs and high appreciation from users around the world. This was what drove the introduction of Teslagrad on mobile and now it can be enjoyed by all players. It is a paid game, however, for $7.6 (this is a drawback of it). So we have one more option for you, which is to download the game via the link at the end of this article, it’s free.


Teslagrad is an adventure game that combines action and puzzle-solving. So, compared to other games of the same genre, its gameplay is more diverse and attractive. In the game, you will become Teslamancer, a young boy living in the kingdom of Elektropia. In this kingdom, there is a famous tower called Tesla, which has been abandoned since ancient times. It is the historical proof for the paranormal stories related to technological witchcraft. So what are those mysteries? There cannot be the best answer to this question, because mysteries only gradually unfold on your journey. So explore them yourself.

download teslagrad apk

Explore quizzes just one part of Teslagrad. Players also have to pass many different requirements to be eligible to unlock the sequels. For example, you might be chased by giants, monsters, have to cross hills, waterfalls, cliffs, or whatever. There is no general rule for how to deal with these challenges because they are really diverse. However, there are also some principles that players need to understand.

Combat mechanism

In the game, you will see blue and red tiles. They serve as vehicles to help players move from place to place. Also, the main weapon in this game is the electromagnetic force, which is shown as a white electric current. Try to move skillfully through the colored boxes to avoid electric forces. If accidentally hit it many times, your character will die and cannot be reborn. These are the basic principles that every player should be familiar with in Teslagrad.


What makes Teslagrad’s challenges even more interesting is its unique weapon system. The player character will receive certain weapons or support items during the journey. For example, it includes the Magnet Gloves that destroy colored tiles, or the Blink Boots for jumping long and higher, or the Polarity Cloak that protects the character from electromagnetic forces, or the Teslastaff that generates electricity that can kill series of monsters.

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Note: The ability of a weapon or support item is only effective for a certain amount of time. Therefore, the player needs to know how to take advantage of it in critical situations, such as overcoming a waterfall, dodging constant electric currents, or destroying an enemy, for example. There are many other ideas that players can “brainstorm” themselves to solve the problem. Moreover, the speed of the game is quite fast, so if you are slow, you will fail soon.


Teslagrad owns an extremely simple control system, suitable for all types of players. There are only 2 function buttons that players need to care about in this game. One is the scroll button on the left side of the screen, it helps gamers control the character in the indicated direction such as left, right, up, or down. The second is the jump button on the right side of the screen, just click it every time you want the character to jump high from one position to another. That’s all.


download teslagrad mod apk

Although the game only owns 2D graphics, what on the screen experience is really perfect. Sequential movie scenes are meticulously built in small details, large maps, varied and realistic in-game effects, smooth sensors, unique design styles. They are Teslagrad’s graphical strengths. It really makes the fans happy and this is the factor that drives the further popularity of this game in the market in the near future.

How to install Teslagrad

Step 1: Download the Teslagrad version (APK + OBB) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on mobile device. With PC emulator, you just need to boot.

Note: Extract the OBB file, move the file “com.Rain.Teslagrad.zip” to the Android / Obb folder.

Step 3: Open the file Teslagrad_modded-1.com.apk, tap install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen.

Download Teslagrad APK for Android

Teslagrad is not telling a story for players to listen and feel. Rather, it is an adventure game that requires the player to be the protagonist to participate in their own journey. Players will overcome difficult challenges, solve puzzles and gradually open up the next developments in the built-in story circuit. So Teslagrad is like a movie that takes place continuously on the experience screen, scene after scene, and moves based on the player’s ability. Therefore, you will always be in control of the journey. So what are you waiting for, start your journey right away?

MOD Features:

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