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Update OnMarch 21, 2022
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The return of Rules of Survival 2.0 APK, for the time being, will give players a quality choice. After the first version encountered rampant cheat hacking, the publisher NetEase Games quickly developed the next version. We firmly believe that the latest version of this fascinating survival game will make you feel excited.

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Introduce about Rules of Survival 2.0

Rules of Survival 2.0 – Improved version of the legendary survival game on mobile

The mobile game market is in a period of saturation when a series of games with similar gameplay is born, the most typical is the success of the survival game series. We have seen the explosion of famous survival games like PUGB Mobile or Free Fire. Followed by many other games developed in the traditional survival style but they did not create their own highlights. As a result, they were all forgotten quickly by players all over the world.

Rules of Survival 2.0

In this article, we will introduce a completely new survival game from NetEase Games with the very familiar name Rules of Survival 2.0. Overall, this is a product that has confirmed its appeal to any player who loves the survival game genre. After a long period of development, this game has been completely renewed with the latest version to give players a special experience. The game has only been released recently but has already reached 100k installs on Google Play and continues to grow rapidly.

The hotness of a super product

Before the launch, players were looking forward to the impressive return of publisher NetEase Games after the resounding success of the first version. Indeed, Rules of Survival 2.0 did not disappoint us with what it brought. The game is equipped with many improvements from the context, gameplay to manipulation. So it will surely make you feel extremely satisfied when enjoying.

Rules of Survival 2.0 is set in a quantum world, where people are allowed to use modern weapons to serve their own needs. You will be taken to an ideal location to compete with other players. Therefore, show your talent to become the last survivor at each level right now.

The familiar battle for survival

The gameplay of Rules of Survival 2.0 has not changed too much compared to the survival games on the game market today. Accordingly, players will have to jump from a modern airship to land on a deserted island to start the battle for survival right after. Your task is relatively simple. You need to do everything to keep your character safe and become the last survivor after each level.

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The first thing players need to do is collect items that appear randomly on the map. They will help you increase your survivability against direct threats from other opponents. Remember that the items in the game will have different levels. You should look for the most powerful items to gain an advantage in each gunfight with the enemy.

Many shelters

Rules of Survival 2.0 also bring a lot of different buildings. Players can take advantage of them to make effective hiding places and avoid unnecessary encounters. In addition, you need to pay attention to the safe circle in the game. Because it will shrink in a certain amount of time to bring all players on the map closer together. Move continuously to find a reasonable position and shoot bullets at the opponent to quickly win the final victory.

Many attractive game modes

Like the first version, Rules of Survival 2.0 focuses on developing many attractive game modes. If you are a lover of freedom, you should choose the single-player mode to experience the game. In addition, the game also offers other modes such as Duo and Squad to help players coordinate with their teammates in fierce survival battles. In general, these game modes are not too strange for lovers of the survival game series.

Extremely high-quality 3D graphics platform

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Rules of Survival 2.0 has been optimized on many different smartphone lines to improve image quality significantly. Thereby, the details in the game are relatively beautiful, especially the change in the map system. Besides, the change in some locations in old maps such as Weapons Factory, Connotation Geely Bay, or Peninsula Hotel will definitely make the battle for survival much more interesting. Of course, you need to prepare a device with a good enough configuration to be able to play games stably.

How to install Rules of Survival 2.0

Step 1: You can download the game in two main ways. That is through the Modded-1.com website and search for the keyword “Rules of Survival 2.0” or click on the APK link below this article.

Step 2: The install button will appear right on the screen after the download is complete. Click on it to install the game on the device.

Step 3: Click on the game icon available on the device to start experiencing the game immediately.

Download Rules of Survival 2.0 APK for Android

Because it has just been released recently, Rules of Survival 2.0 still has many shortcomings that make players encounter many difficulties during the experience. Therefore, you need to wait a little longer to enjoy the game more fully. Try downloading the game using the APK link below this article and give your comments to help the publisher fix the outstanding errors.

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