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Come to the adventurous world of Reventure to uncover all the hidden secrets. This is a unique adventure game, which only owns the classic 2D pixel graphics platform, but enough to impress you at first sight.

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Introduce about Reventure

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Reventure is the first product of the publisher Pixelatto on Google Play and costs about $3 per install. You know, even though this is a game maker inexperienced but the success of Reventure made us surprised. This game currently scores 4.8 / 5 rating and has received countless praise from the global community of players. So what is so special about this game? Join us to explore it now.


Reventure is an adventure game, however, it also integrates many other elements such as construction, fighting, puzzle. So the gameplay is really diverse and suitable for all ages. Gamers participating in the game will have the task of controlling their characters from one place to another. Through it, they can explore the mysterious world of Reventure and unlock many exciting new features. There will be many unexpected challenges that you cannot anticipate in this game.

Journey is timeless

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You will spend most of their time doing timeless journeys. They will go through many different places, from caves, tunnels, waterfalls, deserts, even on the roofs of high-rise buildings. During this journey, players will not avoid dangerous challenges. It could be moving rocks or strange creatures. Be prepared to face them.

Build and fight

Another unique element is built into Reventure, it is building. Players can assemble rocks into diverse shapes to support them in the process of moving. To do this, players need to mine and collect resources and unlock essential tools such as cartridges, shotguns, swords, and more. These tools not only assist to build bases but also to destroy walls or fighting with strange creatures. So save your money for a great collection of tools.


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Reventure brings a system of diverse characters with unique design styles. Players can unlock new characters once they reach a certain level and have enough money. The characters in the game are mainly different in their appearance, while the skills or stats do not change. Besides, the game also brings a collection of beautiful costumes and effects. But this also affects only the appearance. So all results in the game will depend entirely on the skills of the gamers. Can you master your own journeys in Reventure?

Own your own collection

It’s great that Reventure allows players to store special moments in their journeys. At Adventure Gallery, players can see a lot of pictures on the wall. They’re something interesting to keep as souvenirs, aren’t they? I don’t think there are many games that allow gamers to do this, so Reventure really impressed me. How about you? Should you also take some of your time to take pictures and store them in the gallery?


download reventure apk

There are only a few control buttons integrated on the screen interface when experiencing Reventure. It includes a long bar located on the left side of the screen, allowing the player to control the character to move left or right. Meanwhile, on the right side of the screen, there are 2 function buttons that allow the character to fly or use weapons. Those are all the operations that players need to care about. In addition, the context of the screen will change flexibly and move from left to right or vice versa in the direction of the player’s movement. It creates a seamless and smooth experience on mobile.


As mentioned in the beginning, Reventure only owns a 2D graphics platform with classic pixel style. The images in the game are built from small blocks, making them look like lego blocks. In terms of design style, the game builds character images and the context in the game based on a familiar cartoon style. Besides, in terms of effects and sound, it also performed quite well, smoothly, and vividly. As can be seen, Reventure brings simplicity in terms of graphics. And this gives great optimization.

How to install Reventure

Step 1: Download Reventure (Full Version) version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock settings on Android device.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions!

Download Reventure APK for Android

If you are bored with modern adventure games, why not try Reventure? This game will bring players to the classic pixel world full of secrets and unexpected challenges. Remember, the levels in the game are not easy to pass. You may have to play over and over again just to get through a certain stage on an endless journey. Not only is the adventure, but each player also needs to have their own tactical plan to go as far as possible. Besides, don’t forget to unlock unique new characters, outfits, and tools. Let’s go.

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