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Why is the war over so long but we still talk about it today? Because that is history, and people will never be able to deny it. Pechka is an adventure game with the true story of history, will be talked about today. If you’re excited about it too, join now.

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Introduce about Pechka

Pechka – Story game with a war setting

Pechka is the 5th story game of the publisher MazM and is currently quite popular in the market. If you’ve ever tried a game in their collection, it’s easy to recognize the familiarity of Pechka. It’s the historical element.

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Events in the games of MazM are all based on real history. They can be slightly modified but still, clearly show the content of the story and the nature of each character in it. In addition, I also like Pechka’s graphic style, because it is realistic and attractive. Currently, Pechka receives a lot of positive reviews from users, so I believe it will be more popular soon.


Pechka is inspired by a true story in the era of World War I, specifically the war between Russia and Japan in the early 20th century. Therefore, right from the first scenes, players can easily feel the gloomy atmosphere of the melee era. In the game, our main character is Pyotr, an interpreter living in the Russian Far East.

He is a historical figure but has been renamed and illustrated with cartoon images. Even so, his personality or the stories surrounding him will not change. So you can follow him to learn all about the mysteries of this game. Each journey, each event will leave you with many deep impressions.

Adventure in the flow of the story

In Pechka, players do not need to do too much but still feel interesting, which is the beauty of this game. Players will adventure along with the flow of the built-in story, but sometimes they have to pause for a moment to explore and make a choice. Following in the footsteps of Pyotr, players will have the opportunity to meet many different historical figures and learn important information about the war. Since he is an interpreter, there will be a lot of special relationships to discover.

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Each character will have a separate biography, and you just need to click on the “exclamation point” icon to read it. Besides, the game also brings a notebook containing all the information related to real historical events. Just go there and you can learn about everything that will help your decision-making. As such, Pechka is not merely an adventure game, but it also has an educational element. If you are bored with studying history in school, then Pechka will be a more interesting choice.

Find out all the secrets by yourself

During the war, all important information or events were secret. But in this game, gamers can discover those things on their own. Unfortunately, you are alone under the identity of the character Pyotr. This guy will get into quite a lot of trouble, even being blamed for baseless murder. But you have no choice but to prove yourself. While everyone is saying bad things about you, it is you who will fight them to return the innocence to Pyotr. A series of unexpected events happen and the player has to make a choice. Sometimes, they can change the ending of this story.


Pechka puts players in difficult situations but will leave them with a way out. One of those ways is the relationship between the main character and the people around him. During his journey, players will meet many other characters. Everyone can bring important news to share, but not everyone is ready to do so. It requires gamers’ communication skills to create trust in relationships. Remember, the information you get from the character system will be extremely useful. It opens the way for you to free yourself or reveal some shocking secrets.

Unique graphics

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To successfully portray the war scene, Pechka designed its setting and characters with a black and white graphic style. Although it’s not all black and white, it’s basically the two main colors in the game. It helps to portray the difficulty, gloom, and cold of the war world realistically and clearly. In addition, the game also contains converted scenes with seasonal weather effects to better depict the element of time. Moreover, about the character, although in cartoon style, it still shows the emotions and expressions of each type of character in each situation.

How to install Pechka

Step 1: Download Pechka version (Original APK or MOD) exclusively developed by MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device. Allow “Pechka” access to your phone.

Step 3: Open the file Pechka_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Tap install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to finish installing Pechka.

Download Pechka APK for Android

Although just an ordinary story adventure game, Pechka still clearly portrays the content it wants to convey. The game wants to talk about war and the painful consequences it leaves. But instead of being described directly like a textbook, it brings players directly into the historical story. It both creates realism and creates attraction for all players. The adventurous journey will gradually reveal unexpected secrets. Sometimes they leave you with unforgettable emotions.

MOD Features:

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