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Nobodies: Murder cleaner MOD APK is a horror adventure game where you have to be the cleaner for the corpses. Your task is only one, that is to clean up the body and not leave any evidence for anyone to discover. You are not a killer but must be the best cleaner to complete all assigned tasks.

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Introduce about Nobodies: Murder cleaner

Nobodies: Murder cleaner – Uncover horror mysteries in your adventure

Nobodies: Murder cleaner

Do you love the horror genre? We have a great suggestion for you, which is Nobodies: Murder cleaner, the game developed by Blyts. It’s an adventure game, but it’s packed with mystery and horror elements, along with well-crafted hand-drawn visuals. As a result, it provides an immersive and inspiring experience for gamers to explore, puzzle, and enjoy the horror they’ve come to expect. The game not only has an attractive storyline but also has good graphics, a diverse level system, and a unique map. Thanks to that, it will be an interesting destination to stay in for a long time.

As a cleaner after murders

Let’s talk a little bit about the plot of Nobodies: Murder cleaner. It begins after barbaric human experiments in the 50s and 60s aimed at creating new biological weapons that could destroy the world. They are carried out by a terrorist organization called Q-100 and are prevented by the governments of many countries. Government assassins are already hunting for key players in the terrorist organization in order to wipe out all the terrible results of the experiment before it is released. But after these murders, they need someone to wipe their tracks. Yes, that person is you.

Follow the assassins and end the crazy terrorists, your mission is to wipe out all evidence of the assassination. Gamers need to take advantage of everything available at the scene to turn a murder into nothing and leave that place in peace. With this gameplay, the game divides the tasks into many levels from easy to difficult. At each level, gamers are placed in different situations, requiring wisdom and wisdom to deal with adversity. Sometimes it’s a murder in a lab, out in a vacant lot, in an abandoned house, even in a restaurant, or on the street.

The level system is getting more complicated

Nobodies: Murder cleaner is a challenging game that not everyone can play. Although the control is very simple, to conquer all levels, gamers must exercise their wisdom and experience. Along with the increasingly diverse and complex level system, gamers must have a significant upgrade in thinking and strategy to solve all problems. A small mistake also costs them dearly. For example, if you miss a bloodstain or forget an item in the wrong place, you will be warned by the system. At that point, you need to deal with your mistake or have to start over.

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There is no room for hesitation or carelessness in this game. Gamers have to develop themselves from an amateur to a proficient cleaner. In essence, you are no different from the killer in these missions, but instead of acting, you use your intellect to win. What if viral biology experiments were out of the world? It could be a pandemic outbreak that you often see in many zombie survival games, I guess that.

Explore dozens of different maps

Each mission in Nobodies: Murder cleaner takes place in a separate context. And the environmental factor is an important thing, affecting the way gamers act and solve puzzles. It can be an abandoned house, a street, a laboratory, or any other place. But no matter what it is, it’s always your duty to clean it up. But each context will give you good suggestions to solve your task. You can use old items in an abandoned house or an abandoned car, airplane, meat grinder, and more to dispose of dead bodies.

Realistic hand-drawn graphics

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The game is designed with more than 100 hand-drawn images. It shows the publisher’s dedication to Nobodies: Murder cleaner. Thanks to these hand-drawn images, the details in the game appear very vivid and realistic. The game context is also described carefully to every small detail, the colors are harmonious, and the sound is also very attractive. All contribute to an unforgettable horror experience.

How to install Nobodies: Murder cleaner

Step 1: Download the version Nobodies: Murder cleaner MOD APK from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Tap Install.

Step 3: The installation process will take place relatively quickly, then the game’s icon will appear on the main screen.

Step 4: You just need to tap the icon to experience the game quickly.

Download Nobodies: Murder cleaner MOD APK for Android

Nobodies: Murder cleaner is a nice and beautiful game. It leads gamers to an innovative storyline and a unique mission system. You will have to be a cleaner with super intelligence to solve all the troubles. Either clean up all the murders or else you will be chased by the people of the terrorist organization. There is no other option for you, so show your prowess to make every scene a normal place, without evidence, without traces.

Features MOD:

  • Unlocked All


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