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Virtual Programming Ltd
Update OnApril 26, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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My Memory Of Us APK is an adventure game inspired by war and its aftermath. The cruel war causes loss and separation between people and they are on their way to finding each other. Join the game and help a young couple overcome the fiercest challenges to stay together in all circumstances.

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Introduce about My Memory Of Us

My Memory Of Us – Action and puzzles your way

The theme of war is once again introduced into the game, and that is My Memory Of Us, a new product from the publisher Virtual Programming Ltd. It’s currently available on the mobile platform to download and play anytime, but you can get it here for no extra charge. It is a great choice for you to explore war in a new way. A moving story told with cutscenes and puzzles set against a dark backdrop of war. You will really become a part of it in this game. And make an effort to complete the quests and solve all the hidden mysteries.

My Memory Of Us

The game not only impresses many gamers with its well-organized storyline but also in its artistic graphic style. The gloomy background covers the entire game, evoking an unbelievably realistic feeling. Besides, the quizzes are presented in a simple way so that anyone can easily access and understand them. That’s why the game is recommended for gamers aged 3 and up. But not everyone is strong enough to understand this game. Can you do that?

Immerse yourself in the landscape of war

The game is inspired by the actual story of the second world war, the greatest war of mankind. However, it has been simplified in many ways to provide a simpler experience on the phone. Besides, it changed the character image and recreated the war story in a cartoon style. It’s about the Evil King’s city looting and his robot army. Many inhabitants had to leave the city and were tormented by the brutal actions of the enemy.

In that dark context, a pair of children also became the poor victims of the war. But they are not alone, they are always together. Their friendship is the only light in the dark, but it is fragile. Fate always finds a way to separate them from each other, so they need someone’s help. That could be you.

Solve puzzles and complete quests

Gamers will participate in the journey of two children in My Memory Of Us. Their mission is to help connect them together to stay connected. That journey consists of many puzzles scattered in the locations they pass through. A series of challenges always surround and gamers need a wise strategy to find the solution. They can alternately control each character and take advantage of the available skills. She can run fast and use a slingshot. While the boy can sneak quickly into the dark without being detected.

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So, depending on the situation, gamers should have different ways of acting. Take advantage of the terrain to overcome the sentinels or attack them directly. But the best way to conquer these puzzles is patience and calm. Direct attacks always come with high risk, but hiding times are not safe either. Therefore, gamers need to switch wisely between characters to take advantage. And above all, act gently and decisively to avoid dangers.

Explore a variety of unique cutscenes

Your journey in the game is a combination of a series of cutscenes and animations. They open up to many familiar and realistic settings, such as parks, offices, rooftops, streets, and more. In each location, gamers can find different missions. There are a few residents who need the help of two kids, so you can lend them a hand. Or sometimes, you can find cool clues to solve the mystery. This helps expand the game’s plot to form a story with depth.

Dark but impressive classic graphics

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Artistic graphic style is the highlight of this game. It depicts everything from a cartoonish perspective but with strange darkness and mystery. Thanks to that, it vividly depicts the war’s context and its consequences. Character images, backgrounds, and icons are all quite realistic, contributing to beautiful cut scenes. Moreover, the sound with attractive background music also contributes a great deal to the attractiveness of the game.

How to install My Memory Of Us

Step 1: Click the link in this article to download My Memory Of Us MOD APK.

Step 2: Select β€œInstall” and wait for the file installation to complete.

Step 3: Click the game icon to open it and enjoy it right on your phone.

Download My Memory Of Us APK for Android

My Memory Of Us will leave gamers with many unforgettable emotions. It recreated war in a new and most effective way through animated puzzles. But everything looks so real and alive, it feels like being on a real adventure. Enjoy this experience where you must show your wisdom to help two kids conquer challenges and stay together.

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