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Update OnAugust 15, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Explore mines with a variety of resources waiting in Mine Hunter. Your task is to defeat the monsters in the mine to collect the best materials. Move continuously and attack in your own way to conquer vast mines with the appearance of enemies. Don’t miss this game if you are looking for an action game combined with classic pixel graphics.

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Introduce about Mine Hunter

Mine Hunter – Adventure game to explore fascinating endless dungeons

The attractive pixel art style will help you get more special experiences when enjoying Mine Hunter. Basically, this game will let you transform into an amateur miner and go on your first adventure. Here, you will have to confront a lot of monsters or resource keepers to explore the main plot of the game.

Mine Hunter

It can be seen that the publisher Loongcheer Game has been very wise when equipping pixel graphics quality for its products. This graphic format hasn’t always won over everyone, but retro simplicity is what everyone is looking for. Currently, Mine Hunter is available on Google Play in the form of early access and you can download the game and enjoy it right now.

The plot creates a connection when playing the game

Before starting the experience, you should try to learn briefly about the plot of Mine Hunter to get the most overview. Accordingly, Mine Hunter is set thousands of years ago, when unknown monsters with the command of the Abyss invaded the world. After many wars, humans could defeat these monsters. Thereby, repel them deep underground through the dark geological mines.

About a thousand years after the event, an orphan boy named Marson accidentally fell into a geological mine and confronted many terrifying monsters. Of course, this boy could not defeat them and had to rely on the help of a monster hunter to stay alive. From there, Marson decided to practice, hone his fighting skills to one day become a real monster hunter. That’s right, you’ll help him return to the mines one more time to find out the mystery hidden all this time.

Gameplay combined with Roguelike elements

Mine Hunter’s RPG gameplay is not different from other games of the same genre, but it will definitely give you a lot of challenges. In the game, you will have to move through many mines, fight clones, power up your characters, complete entire quests, and more. All of the above tasks will be repeated throughout the experience.

download mine hunter apk

Don’t worry too much. You just need to control your character to defeat all the monsters that appear on the map. Gradually, the quests will be completed and the character’s strength will also increase over time. Are you ready to explore endless dungeons in this game? Choose for yourself a suitable character among the available options. Then overcome countless enemies, traps, and more difficult missions that await.

Customize character stats

No matter which character is chosen, their attributes will remain unchanged over time. There are some attributes that you need to take care of in the game such as Agility, Strength, Defense, and Sanity. At the end of the war, the player can choose to upgrade the character’s stats to help him become stronger in the next levels. If you continue to win, you will have more opportunities to increase the strength of the character, which will make Marson much stronger. Note, choosing the right upgrades from time to time will give you many advantages and vice versa.

Gentle but very attractive 2D image

download mine hunter mod

Although only equipped with 2D graphics quality along with the traditional Pixel art style, this game really made us feel very satisfied. The character designs are not too sharp, but everything ensures certain seamlessness when experienced. The color scheme of the game is also quite complete with many different colors that promise to bring you a special journey. Besides, the sound element in the game is also shown very well through the epic background music.

How to install Mine Hunter

Step 1: Download the (Original APK) version of Mine Hunter at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: The install button will appear on the screen once the download is complete, tap it.

Step 3: The installation process will take place. Then the icon of the game will appear on the screen. Sign in to enjoy the fascinating survival journey.

Note, you should delete any previously downloaded versions of Mine Hunter (if any) to avoid installation errors.

Download Mine Hunter MOD APK for Android

Mine Hunter is a game that combines many different elements that will surely bring you a lot of fun to enjoy. From the style of play to the image quality, it is very gentle and attractive. So it will suit the entertainment needs of many players at the moment. This game has just launched on the market today, so the next updates will make it even better.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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