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Lemon Jam Studio
Update OnJune 14, 2022
MOD FeaturesMoney/Medals/Stones/Points
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Mighty Knights: Kingdom

Mighty Knights: Kingdom MOD APK is a strategy adventure game with a typical turn-based combat style. Your mission is to gather heroes for the fight against the demon king who has just resurrected after being sealed. Combine them in your way to conquer every battle and unlock an endless journey of adventure.

Note: You can play many other games on Modded-1, like Seven Knights 2 and Shadow Knights.

Introduce about Mighty Knights: Kingdom

Mighty Knights: Kingdom – Classic turn-based RPG gameplay

The Demon King has returned from being sealed underground for a long time and now, the mission to protect humanity is in the hands of you and your heroes. That is the beginning of the plot of Mighty Knights: Kingdom, the new arrival game from the publisher Lemon Jam Studio. It possesses role-playing gameplay, combining adventure and turn-based action style. So gamers will have a chance to fully enjoy the game world and whole unique levels in multiple roles. As a warrior as well as a strategist and adventurer, what will you do to conquer every journey?

This game currently only has an early registration version because it is still in development. However, with the APK file in this article, you can download it to your phone and enjoy a smooth experience on your phone. Explore it and be part of an adventure in the classic fantasy world. You can fight, explore, upgrade, and more for the sake of protecting humanity.

Show off your strategy at each action level

The game gives gamers a rich level system, each level is a turn-based battle between a group of heroes and the evil demon king. Their mission is to form a group of heroes to go to war and defeat the enemies at each level to unlock the next journey. Consider different factors when you align your hero pool. Each person has their own strengths depending on their character class. Players need to understand that to find ways to make the most of the available abilities.

After arranging the squad, gamers need to control the heroes in the battle. Just click on the character card to choose the hero and attack moves. However, gamers can turn on the automatic mode so that the group of heroes can fight on their own and bring home victory without touching. Your job is to enjoy the game while looking at the effect from the hero pool for changes and customization in new matches. Besides, they can also choose X2 mode, which doubles the game speed. This will save time to quickly unlock new content in Mighty Knights: Kingdom.

Discover a unique group of heroes

The game offers a collection of heroes that are not too diverse, but enough for gamers to try many different combination strategies. It has 9 typical character classes, such as archer, warrior, mage, tanker, support, and more. Each character class will include its own heroes, possessing the specific strengths of each class. For example, archers and mages have high damage and long-range. Meanwhile, warriors and tankers have good health, suitable for melee attacks.

Besides, the enemy system is also very rich. In each level, the player will face one or more enemies at the same time. And when it comes to new levels, the enemies will be different with new looks and upgraded powers. They can be jungle monsters, dark magicians, gods of death, or even demon kings and big Bosses. Along with the upgrade of the enemy system, gamers can upgrade the hero group to create balanced battles. The strategic element makes your victory.

Adventure in a classic fantasy world

Through the battle levels, the world of Mighty Knights: Kingdom gradually expands to more locations. The battlefield context will change flexibly through each level, which is a jungle, cave, dungeon, snowy land, and more. Each location has its own beauty and offers unique enemies and treasures. As a result, gamers can expand their exploration, enrich their collection of items and discover other unique content.

Cartoon style 2D graphics

The game world is described vividly on a unique 2D background. In it, the most prominent is the image of the heroes and the enemy system in the game. You will see heroes designed with unique looks and impressive skills. The game context is flexible, the sound is lively and the combat effects are very eye-catching. It all comes together to create a simple yet engaging immersive experience that’s enough to keep you playing for a long time.

How to install Mighty Knights: Kingdom

Step 1: Download Mighty Knights: Kingdom MOD APK at the “Download” link in this article. It will take a few seconds for the download to complete.

Step 2: Go to Settings on your phone and enable “install unknown sources” to allow APK or MOD files to be installed.

Step 3: Click on the downloaded file and install it.

Step 4: Open the game and enjoy the great experience on your phone as soon as the installation is complete.

Download Mighty Knights: Kingdom MOD APK for Android

Mighty Knights: Kingdom is a simple but fun RPG game. It will lead you on a battle journey through many challenging locations and levels. Get ready with your strategic team of heroes and fight hundreds of available enemies. Combine heroes in your own way to get the most out of them, and don’t forget to upgrade them continuously to discover new powers. Are you ready?

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Medals
  • Unlimited Elf Stones
  • Unlimited Essence Points


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