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Update OnJuly 12, 2022
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Kingdom Rebuild APK is a great adventure and simulation game. You can build your kingdom here from the rubble or with just clicks and swipes. You can fight other kingdoms to collect resources. Don’t miss out on unique events to earn rewards and unlock valuable resources.

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Introduce about Kingdom Rebuild

Kingdom Rebuild – Building gameplay combines adventure

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This is a new game from the publisher MOONBEAR. It is built on the construction gameplay where you can build everything from the available resources. Besides, it also brings you on an exciting adventure through different lands. The game world is extremely large and includes many types of terrain from land to mountains, forests, seas, and more. The game’s unique cartoon design and soothing music will help gamers relax. Simple gameplay mechanics will also help them access the game easily without going through any tutorials.

Rebuilding the fallen kingdom

The game does not have a cumbersome plot. It is simply the process of rebuilding your kingdom after it has fallen. At the beginning of the game, gamers can name their kingdom. After that, they can place the first basic foundations like earth and rock anywhere. Just select the resource in the inventory and drag it to the screen to build. It is simple but addictive and allows gamers to play games with just one finger. The resource system in the game will be increasingly rich, allowing gamers to expand their kingdom with more unique constructions.

So what can gamers build? It can be a house, a wall, a farm, or even a castle. But not only that, but gamers also need to build a solid defense with fortresses to resist the attack of neighboring kingdoms. Construction will not be completed in a day or two. It is a long journey, requiring the patience of the player. Besides, each project will take some time to complete the construction. To promote progress, gamers need to use Acceleration items.

Attack other kingdoms

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Resources are not available at all and are free. Therefore, gamers need to find a way to collect and accumulate them to build their kingdom. Resources can be earned by unlocking with gold coins or stealing from others. Gamers will have idle battles in Kingdom Rebuild. They just click “Attack” and wait for the battle result. If they win, they will receive 3 resource items from the enemy. It can be a hammer, wood, stone, gold coins, and more. Wood is one of the important resources. Gold coins are used for shopping and unlocking resources and buildings.

But others can also attack your kingdom. Wars happen often in this game because it is the most useful way to earn resources. If you want the fewest losses, you need to strengthen the defenses in the kingdom over time. With better weapons and higher HP, your castles can withstand many attacks from opponents. Besides, with limited resources, gamers need to have a reasonable use strategy. Build everything you want but make the best use of resources.

Unlock a rich resource store

There are many types of resources that gamers can unlock as the level progresses. The most basic are earth, stone, and wood. But when reaching certain levels, gamers can access better resources and even unique constructions. Thanks to that, they can build bridges, roads, houses, castles, and any other structures they want. And players also have the right to plan the kingdom in their own way. Do you want your castle to be located by the river or on the mountain? Do you want to build markets to trade food and goods? Be free to do what you like and make your kingdom powerful.

Large and detailed 3D open world

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There are no limits in Kingdom Rebuild as it is an open world. It owns a huge world with many unique terrains and countless beautiful details. There you will see trees, buildings, hills, rivers, seas and more. Everything is depicted clearly and realistically by blocks with colorful colors. Besides, music with soothing and playful melodies will help you relax during the construction adventure.

How to install Kingdom Rebuild

Step 1: Download Kingdom Rebuild MOD APK at the link in this article. Please wait a moment for it to load and click the button to load it now.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file by clicking on it and selecting “Install”.

Step 3: Please wait for the installation to complete and you can open the game.

Download Kingdom Rebuild APK for Android

Don’t miss Kingdom Rebuild if you are looking for a light adventure experience. You can build your kingdom from hundreds of unique buildings and resources. Just swipe across the screen to build, fight, and gather resources. So enjoy the fun and relaxation from this idle gameplay. You will see your kingdom getting bigger and stronger.

Features MOD:

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