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Update OnJune 22, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Adventure Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Jurassic Survival Island MOD APK is an Adventure game that will bring players back to prehistoric times to meet dinosaurs that went extinct thousands of years ago. Imagine you are on a deserted island but there are many dinosaurs, what will you do to survive in this situation? First, let’s find out some interesting points of this game compared to other games of the same genre.

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Introduce about Jurassic Survival Island

Jurassic Survival Island – Return to prehistoric times to meet the most powerful dinosaurs


If you are bored with modern combat survival games, you should experience Jurassic Survival Island. It will bring a whole new sense of survival when bringing players back to prehistoric times with a lot of interesting events. The game is from the publisher GameSpire Ltd, currently available on both Android and iOS operating systems to help you quickly download the game. Thereby, enjoy the extremely attractive survival battle with special dinosaurs. Jurassic Survival Island allows players to build their own lives and do everything in the game without obeying any rules. This will make you feel free and create what you like easily.

Thrilling situation

The game will bring you to a deserted island, where an attractive battle for survival will take place. You will have to confront all the dangers on this deserted island to win your own life. Before facing this predicament, you were once an ordinary sailor. But a big storm overturned the boat, and you woke up on an unspoiled island. More specifically, this land appears a lot of dinosaurs. They have many species with different shapes and sizes. Players must do everything to be able to survive before even thinking about fighting the enemy. Start building a new life in Jurassic Survival Island by downloading the game now.

Independent life

Coming to Jurassic Survival Island, players will not be provided with anything except costumes. First, you need to ensure food as well as water if you do not want your character to starve to death quickly. Finding items on the desert island to make weapons to hunt animals is also a good idea.

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After stabilizing the food source, the player needs to collect wood from the trees in the forest to build a permanent house, resistant to weather elements as well as threats from outside. You will have to upgrade your house continuously to ensure the necessary safety. The dangers will come continuously, making you unable to react.

The player will be completely alone on this deserted island without any help from others. This will make the survival instinct in you rise strong, making the player have to choose between building a better life or accepting surrender to fate in Jurassic Survival Island. In addition, players need to craft weapons to fight wild animals. Wild beasts are always ready to take you down in a split second, resist that and make them defeat easily.

Explore new lands

If you feel bored when you are always hanging around in your area. Jurassic Survival Island also allows players to go on adventures in unspoiled jungles that no one has ever set foot in. You will learn the interesting unknowns that the publisher has cleverly integrated into this game, thereby learning experiences that enhance the character’s strength. Besides, majestic scenes that seem to only appear in movies will be available in this journey that will make you feel more excited.

Attack or tame dinosaurs

The ancient creatures in the game will become a very important part of the player. They can help you have an abundant food source, resist the harshness of nature with clothes made from animal skin. Of course, killing dinosaurs with unique skills has never been an easy task. Be careful, you are not merely a good hunter, but most likely dinosaurs are hunting against your character.

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In addition, you can also tame those large creatures to become your pets easily. They will become the player’s moving tool, protecting you from threats from many sides. Overall, there’s a lot you can do with ancient creatures in Jurassic Survival Island. Enjoy the game your way to feel the joy.

How to install Jurassic Survival Island

Step 1: First, click on the APK link below the article to start downloading the game to your device.

Step 2: After the downloading is complete, click the Install button on the main screen to install the game.

Step 3: The installation process will take place in a fairly short period of time. After that, the game’s icon will appear on the main screen when the installation is successful.

Step 4: Finally, you just need to click on the Jurassic Survival Island icon available on the screen to experience it immediately.

Download Jurassic Survival Island MOD APK for Android

Jurassic Survival Island possesses relatively excellent graphics with a beautiful 3D format. Along with that is the unique gameplay compared to other games of the same genre that will surely surprise players with what it brings. If you are looking for a different survival game, this game will be a perfect choice for you. Going back to prehistoric times is never a bad idea, is it?

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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