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Update OnApril 13, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Jekyll & Hyde MOD APK is an attractive puzzle game inspired by the novel series of the same name. You will in turn explore the content of the game through a series of available clues while making visual novel choices to develop the story in a positive direction. Join this game to find out the interesting details it brings.

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Introduce about Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde – Puzzle adventure game with a dark plot

If you are looking for a puzzle game with an engaging, thrilling story with many difficult situations to solve, then Jekyll & Hyde will be a suitable choice. Basically, this game is developed by MazM, who specializes in producing games inspired by detective stories. In the game, players will take turns enjoying the available storyline in the style of visual novels.

Jekyll & Hyde

That is, each scene will bring players to different options, you need to choose the most correct answer in each situation. If you make the wrong choice, it means everything will become much more difficult to solve, so stay focused throughout the experience. Up to now, Jekyll & Hyde has more than 1 million installs along with 4.7 ratings on Google Play. Therefore, you can be completely assured of what it brings.

The plot is based on the original

As mentioned, Jekyll & Hyde is built based on the novel of the same name, so it is not too difficult to understand when players will feel everything in the most natural way. More specifically, this game is set in London around the 19th century, where a lot of crime happens and you need to act now to find the bad guys appearing everywhere.

The story in the game mainly happens around the life of Doctor Jekyll and a man named Hyde. They are from two different classes, if Jekyll is respected by many people, then Hyde is a criminal with a passion for murder. The entire content revolves around the sequence of events related to these two characters. You need to experience the game and keep your focus long enough to be able to find the secrets available.

Typical puzzle gameplay

Despite possessing a diverse storyline, Jekyll & Hyde’s operation is relatively simple and suitable for all types of players. Initially, players need to read the instructions carefully to better understand what is going to happen in this game. There are different forms of puzzles, such as reading letters, finding passwords, and overcoming obstacles. All you need to do is show your thinking ability and connect the facts, then tap the screen to complete the available puzzles.

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In fact, Jekyll & Hyde allows players to control their characters to move around the map in search of unusual details. More specifically, the characters appearing in London will have a magnifying glass or an exclamation mark, interact with them to find clues. In general, you need to make continuous decisions in each situation to complete the process as required.

Lots of tools to help solve crimes

In some situations where you have no idea, you can click on the Teacup icon that appears on the screen to immediately get the correct answer without having to think much. Of course, you are only provided with 3 free cups of tea during the game experience. Besides, you can also use the Timeline tool to rewind the events that happened in the game. This is a useful tool, suitable for players who often ignore extra details.

If you feel that your memory is not very good, you can use the built-in Log feature. With this feature, you can freely save your dialogues and storylines, and then you can open them and watch them whenever you want. We believe that the above tools will help you a lot in the process of solving crimes in Jekyll & Hyde.

Featured images and sounds

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Jekyll & Hyde successfully depicts 19th-century London society through detailed, clear shapes with many angular lines. All the characters in the game have different expressions, along with the black and white and gray tones that will definitely bring you thrills to enjoy. Besides, the appearance of melodious music will make everything become more still than ever. New pieces of music will always change in different situations, so you will have very special emotions when enjoying.

How to install Jekyll & Hyde

Step 1: Download Jekyll & Hyde MOD APK version from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Click on Install.

Step 3: The installation process will take place relatively quickly, then the icon of the game will appear on the main screen.

Step 4: You just need to lightly touch the icon to experience the game quickly.

Download Jekyll & Hyde MOD APK for Android

Through what it brings, Jekyll & Hyde is truly one of the most worth playing puzzle adventure games of the moment. The content in the game is also very carefully invested with many situations that you cannot anticipate. We cannot cover every aspect of the game in the scope of one article, you should download it to get a better understanding.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money

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