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NameGenshin Impact
Category Adventure Games
Latest Version2147343
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesNo
Package google play

Genshin Impact APK is an adventure game simulation Teyvat world, officially released by miHoYo Limited. This is an adventure game designed on a 3D graphics background, attracting the attention of the media for its story and gameplay appeal. Currently, the game is available on most popular platforms including PC, Stream, and Console. If you are interested in the Mobile version, please wait a while to experience.

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Introduce about Genshin Impact

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MiHoYo is a popular publisher from China, they specialize in producing attractive anime games on mobile and achieved great success like Honkai Impact 3. And recently, the game Genshin Impact was officially available on Google Play attracted the attention of many people. From series the video trailer, images, gameplay structure, many players expect this to be the most experienced adventure game in 2021.


The plot of Genshin’s Impact is relatively interesting, the story about you and your siblings traveling to another world called Teyvat. But when got there, you were trapped and separated from the group. At this point, the player’s task is to explore the mysterious land of Teyvat and begin searching for answers from “The Seven” (Elemental Gods). Starting your journey, you as an Outlander, continue your journey to discover this magical world. In order to be able to decode the mysteries, players seek to join forces in the world Teyvat. Are you ready?

Explore world Teyvat

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You will be surprised by the world in Genshin Impact, by its incredible beauty. Different from everyone’s imagination, the world in Teyvat was portrayed vividly and beautifully. You will admire and conquer authentic true. Players can see people run, climb, swim, and glide,… will definitely feel like they’re living in their own world.

Attractive gameplay

Coming to Genshin Impact, players will explore a large and colorful open world through the journey of the main character. It is important that you can freely control your character to move to explore without having to adhere to any rules. Typically activities such as climbing, flying, fighting, swimming. Players will have the opportunity to experience it all in a vivid way.

In addition, the task system in the game is also relatively diverse. This allows players to feel the entire storyline that Genshin Impact brings. From there, you will know the secrets of each character in this game. At the same time, the mysterious stories about this land are also gradually revealed, giving players a sense of curiosity throughout the experience.

Combat System

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The fighting style in Genshin Impact follows elemental reactions so that it can cause damage. It is no longer a hack and slash style game, but instead requires players to develop thinking and bravery. This is also a quite special highlight, that the publisher miHoYo wants to bring an enjoyable experience to players.


In the character segment, Genshin Impact owns a series of anime-style characters. With so many unique characters to choose from in your journey, each character will have a different story. Therefore, you need to explore each character to know the weaknesses and strengths.

Co-Op Mode

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In this mode, Genshin Impact helps players cooperate with friends to trigger the action. To challenge challenges and reap rewards, you need to coordinate with other players to discover the world of Teyvat. Are you ready to join this mysterious world?

Nice graphics

The graphics of this game has a careful investment to give players the best quality experience. The architecture, as well as the terrain in the game, are beautifully shown. In addition, the character’s attack and transition effects are quite successful and work stably on many devices today. It can be said that graphics are an important factor that helps this game achieve certain success in the present time.

How to install Genshin Impact

Step 1: Download the file Genshin Impact (Original APK) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: After the game download is complete, click the Install button to install the game on your device.

Step 3: This installation process is relatively fast. After it completes, the icon of the Genshin Impact will be displayed on the screen. Finally, just touch it to experience the game instantly.

Download Genshin Impact APK for Android

With the above reviews, Genshin Impact deserves to be the most experienced Adventure game in 2021. If you are a lover of anime-style games, then do not miss the number one game from China. Currently, the new game only released the Closed Beta version. Everyone needs to wait a while to experience the official version on Google Play and App Store.

Update: Genshin Impact will launch globally on September 28, 2020, for PlayStation®4, iOS, Android, and PC. The server will be up and running on September 28 at 10:00 a.m. (UTC + 8).

MOD Features:

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