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Update OnMay 4, 2022
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Floki Playtime APK is a fun adventure game inspired by SquidGame. Download it quickly and enjoy dozens of funny mini-games with many adorable animal friends.

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Introduce about Floki Playtime

Floki Playtime – A collection of super fun and adorable mini-games

Floki Playtime

Floki Playtime is a game based on the popular Korean movie SquidGame and was recently released on the mobile platform. It will give you a new feeling, completely different from the drama and horror on the movie screen. So this game is suitable for all players, especially children. Anyone can play it and enjoy the fun moments to relax all day. Dozens of mini-games to play with friends in the deep jungle and many exciting rewards to discover, what do you think? Those are the familiar games from the original movie but refreshed with bright, cheerful images and sounds. Don’t wait any longer, you can start playing right away.

Accompany Floki in many exciting challenges

Joining the game, players will play the role of a petite and lovely Floki dog. He signed up to participate in a competition organized by the Lion King and his assistant, Huggy. But not only did Floki participate, but many other friends were also present, from the green frog to the brown bear, the rabbit, the cat, the monkey, and more. So, it promises to be super fun and highly competitive playground, but don’t be too concerned about achievements because fun is the main thing.

The competition will take place over several days and players must pass each day to advance to the next round. The first mini-game will be “Red Light Green Light”, a mini-game based on the first game in the SquidGame series. In this game, the player will run to the available music. But you can only run when the music plays and stop when the music stops and Huggy is looking at you. If Huggy detects anyone’s movement, that person will be removed from the game immediately. And just like that, you need to cross the finish line to win the opportunity to continue playing in the next round.

The next game is going to be a traditional mini-game, called “Tug war”. Participants will be divided into 2 teams, each team consists of 5 people. Regardless of the team, players also need to try to pull really hard to bring victory for their team. Otherwise, you and the rest of the team will have to stop.

And of course, many more mini-games will continue to be available to play if you keep winning. If a player fails in a round, he will play again in that round, not the first round. The longer you play, the more fun games there are to explore and conquer. Accompanied by a series of attractive rewards to unlock skins and weapons.

Customize your character

Don’t miss the chance to find your dog Floki some new outfits. At the store, gamers can customize Floki with a set of Santa Claus skins or golden fur. Besides, they can equip him with weapons, rings, accessories, bags, hats, and more. They won’t make him stronger but will make him stand out from the crowd. So you should save your account to shop for many unique items and mix them the way you want.

Connect with online multiplayer

Floki Playtime is an online playground with thousands of players playing at the same time. So you can meet, socialize and make many interesting friends during the competition. They will make your challenges more interesting and competitive than ever. Those friends will take on many different forms, like familiar animals in the forest. Thanks to them, your party will be happy and full of energy.

Funny and friendly images

Everything in the game makes you fall in love from the first time you play. You can come across cute and friendly images like dogs, cats, monkeys, frogs, and many more. They look hilarious in their unique skins and even come with a variety of expressions and gestures that will make you laugh. Besides, the game context is quite diverse, each game is a scene, always creating a new feeling every time through a new round. The background music in the game is also quite lively, contributing to a fun atmosphere that makes you forget all your worries.

How to install Floki Playtime

Step 1: Click the link at the end of this article to download Floki Playtime APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Install the file by clicking “Install”.

Step 3: Please relax during game installation. You can touch the game icon to open it and play as soon as the installation is finished.

Download Floki Playtime APK for Android

Fans of the movie SquidGame definitely can’t miss the Floki Playtime. It brings together the most classic mini-games from the original movie while refreshing everything with a fun visual style. You can play against online players, compete with them for the next round, and discover a variety of unique challenges each day. What are you waiting for? The game is free to download and play now.

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