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Update OnJuly 17, 2022
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The endless universe always brings mysteries that no one can explain. But with Alien: Isolation, everything will become more familiar to players through the perspective of the main character. You will have the opportunity to explore modern spaceships, along with the appearance of countless creatures in outer space. Before experimenting, let’s learn about this game briefly.

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Introduce about Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation – Game set in space with beautiful AAA graphics

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is a role-playing game combined with the most worth-playing context at the moment. The game is being discounted on Google Play to only $ 4 per download. Or you can also download the game for free using the APK link below this article. When you experience the game, you will explore the vast space through the endless levels it brings. Thereby, players will feel the excitement throughout the process of enjoying the game. This is a quite successful product from publisher Feral Interactive. They have brought extremely interesting features and made this game more attractive to players than ever.

Explore the Sevastopol station

A mysterious alien race is seeking to threaten the life of all humanity on earth. In the game, you will become a talented commander of the organization against the threat of alien monsters. They are an army that gathers many elite warriors from all over the world. The player’s task is to lead and lead his army to explore the Sevastopol station. This is considered a frequent place of dangerous creatures outside the planet. Simultaneously destroy all enemies and protect the peace of the world. Are you ready to discover interesting things waiting for you in this game?

Control all actions of the character

Initially, you will become Amanda – the main character that the game brings. This is also the character that will stick with the player throughout the game. After that, you will be involved in exciting action scenes by following the instructions from the game. Pay attention to the initial instruction system, they will help you better understand the gameplay as well as the tasks that you are assigned in this game.

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Besides, the virtual buttons in the game are also built-in on the screen to help players easily control the character. You will move through the virtual steering wheel button on the left of the screen, and perform other actions by the available icon on the right. For example using guns, using flashlights, radar, and more. Everything is intuitive for the player, even if you are a new player.

Fierce battle

Alien: Isolation will take players to locations in space, where there will be extremely fierce battles soon after. You will have full control of your army without the constraints coming from the game. Each soldier will be moved or attacked in a certain area. You can take advantage of this to bring reasonable tactics to win at each level.

Players will have to confront a lot of monsters in space, you need to make reasonable choices to avoid them in adverse cases. On the contrary, use the weapons you have to fight back if it feels appropriate. Pay attention to the remaining HP of the character and help her avoid enemies in the battle phase. Controlling the character to move with teammates will be an effective method to ensure safety before thinking about attacking the enemy.

High-quality graphics

Equipped with 3D graphics format, Alien: Isolation vividly reproduces the scene outside space with extremely sharp details. The battles in the game are described very reasonably. Combined with that is the bomb effect that will make you not feel disappointed during the game experience. In addition, the transition effect in the game is smooth, creating seamless and stable.

Sound creates accents

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The sound in Alien: Isolation is not simply monotonous background music. But also sounds that are integrated in an extremely interesting way. The characters in the game are all voiced to help players immerse themselves in the game quickly. In general, the sound quality in Alien: Isolation is really a remarkable highlight that creates a certain success in the present time.

How to install Alien: Isolation

Step 1: Download Alien: Isolation (Original APK) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Allow your device to install unknown apps for the game’s MOD features to function properly once the installation is complete.

Step 3: Click on the game and select “Install”.

Step 4: Installation is complete, the game’s icon will appear on the screen and you just need to click on it to launch and start playing.

Download Alien: Isolation APK for Android

Alien: Isolation is currently available on both Android and iOS platforms, allowing players to download the game and experience it easily. If you are a lover of role-playing games combined with a specific context, you definitely cannot ignore this game. It has extremely attractive gameplay along with excellent graphics effects that will surely make players feel good from the first time enjoying the game.

Features MOD:

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