Vector 2 Premium MOD APK 1.2.1 [Unlimited Money] Download

Update OnFebruary 24, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Vector 2 Premium MOD APK is a great choice for those who love endless running style. You have dozens of levels to play and prove your running skills against hundreds of strange obstacles. Skillfully swipe across the screen to jump, slide, climb walls, and more, can you get used to it quickly?

Note: You can play many other games on Modded-1, like Temple Run 2 and Talking Tom Sky Run.

Introduce about Vector 2 Premium

Vector 2 Premium – Unique and challenging running levels

First, we want to say that Vector 2 Premium is not like Temple Run 2 because it is not an endless runner game. The game’s challenges are divided into many different levels and there, the player’s task is to find the door at the end of the road. A long journey that follows through many levels and a player’s progress over time is the difference. Not only relying on running skills, but gamers also need to equip the character with items and equipment to be stronger. A mysterious story will be gradually deciphered through the levels, the challenge is increasing, and the attraction gradually takes your breath away.

Vector 2

This game has become a legendary name in the mobile game market. It has more than 50 million installs on Google Play and attracts a lot of gamers on many other platforms. Despite being a game with simple gameplay, it can confuse you with creative challenges. To play this game well, you not only need to observe quickly but also act quickly. Swipe and slide to traverse the terrain and conquer every level to truly master your destiny. Try that now, why not?

Pass through the big research area to survive

The game takes place in a mysterious research facility where illegal experiments on humans take place. You are also one of the victims of this experiment but fortunately escaped. But don’t think it’s your happy ending. Quickly find a way out of the research station so as not to become the next lab rat. And from this moment, gamers are officially immersed in the journey to escape through many areas in succession.

The gameplay of the game is a little different from the endless running games. Firstly, it is not an endless journey, that is, run until you lose. This game has levels for gamers to play and conquer gradually, thereby progressing over time. Also, if they lose at any level, they don’t need to return to the starting line. Just continue with the lost level until you conquer it. Second, this game will run on a horizontal screen instead of a vertical screen as usual. So the player’s operation also has a slight change. Specifically, you will swipe up to jump or climb the wall, swipe down to slide, swipe right to increase speed.

Upgrade your character with weapons and items

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Your character can be equipped with up to 5 pieces of equipment, including armor, gloves, boots, belts, and hats. Each piece of equipment will have the effect of protecting gamers from certain obstacles. For example, laser devices, armor, and helmets will help protect the character from damage that leads to death. Gamers can upgrade this equipment overtime to increase their defense. Besides, they can also unlock some useful items to increase speed or suck money in an area with a radius of a few meters.

Uncover the mysteries through dozens of levels

The main content of Vector 2 Premium is the running levels. But that’s not all in your experience. Through each level, new things are opened up, including a new area, new obstacles, and new upgrade possibilities. At the same time, the mysteries are also gradually revealed for gamers to discover the story behind the murder experiments. The game will be more and more open even though the gameplay is always the same. Therefore, its attractiveness will increase in proportion to the progress of the gamer and the difficulty of the challenge.

2D graphics with creative design

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Vector 2 Premium graphics remind us of the shadowy graphics style of the game Shadow Fight. The game background is a combination of dark backgrounds and colorful scenes, creating an interesting contrast. Your character is also just a black guy. However, he has very realistic and smooth movements. The effects in each movement are also great. Sound includes vibrant background music and noises from running steps. All in all, everything blends together harmoniously creating an experience you can’t complain about.

How to install Vector 2 Premium

Step 1: Click the link below to proceed to download the set Vector 2 Premium MOD APK file. This should only take a few seconds to complete.

Step 2: Go to the “settings” of the device, in the “applications” section, look for information on the game, go to “advanced” and enable the feature that allows on unknown applications. This is an important step for the MOD features to work.

Step 3: Click “Install” on the file to install it. After the installation is complete, the game icon will be displayed on the main screen of your phone.

Step 4: Finally, just click on the game’s icon to launch and play it.

Download Vector 2 Premium MOD APK for Android

Get ready for a long journey in Vector 2 Premium. You will overcome hundreds of challenges with unpredictable obstacles and dangerous traps. By swiping to jump, slide, climb the wall, you will pass all of them and reach the finish line. Don’t forget to upgrade your character with useful equipment for better defense, ready to run at many new levels.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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