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Update OnOctober 7, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
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No one expected the apocalypse, but it has arrived in Undead Clash MOD APK. Now you are the last man alive in the world trying to fight zombies for survival. Get ready with a gun in hand, aim at zombies, and shoot. You can challenge your friends with your record score and become the top 1 on the global leaderboard.

Note: You can play many other shooting games on Modded-1 like Critical Strike CS and Zombie Hunter: Killing Games.

Introduce about Undead Clash

Undead Clash – First-person zombie shooter gameplay

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The zombie theme is introduced to you again but it’s new and much better in Undead Clash. This game has everything you need for a great FPS game. It possesses an optimal control mechanism, making it easy for every gamer to approach the game from the very beginning. Besides, with a rich zombie system, the game will challenge the shooting ability and flexibility of the shooters here. And with realistic graphic design, it will give you the ultimate shooting environment with eye-catching effects. Don’t miss the fast-paced FPS wars where you can become the top shooter.

Battles with optimal control

The game context takes place in the post-apocalyptic period when a pandemic occurs and turns all humans into walking corpses. While news of the zombies still reached people, most of the streets were filled with blood and death. But luckily, you are one of the survivors and now you have to try to live again. The game has many events for gamers to discover, such as “Super Skill Shot”, “The Greatest Champion”, “Become the Legend Killer” and more. Basically, it is a zombie shooting event with limited time and attractive rewards.

Gamers can choose to play alone or co-op with others. The optimal control mechanism will make them easy to reach. Just use your finger to swipe across the screen to navigate and click “Shoot” to attack. But in each level, there will be dozens of zombies of many types from the weak to the boss. Therefore, gamers need to know how to choose the right target to protect their HP. Let’s kill the zombies closer and faster, then kill the remaining targets. You need resourcefulness and agility to survive as long as possible here.

Unlock and upgrade weapons

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To survive, you cannot lack weapons. Undead Clash Mod gives gamers a wide choice of weapons, but the most typical is guns. There are quite a few types of guns like shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and more. Each type of gun has its own parameters of fire rate, damage, range, reload speed, and ammo capacity. Sniper guns will have high damage at long range but a low reload rate. The rifles will have a high reload rate and good damage, but their best range is from close to medium.

So, gamers will have many options before each match. They can also upgrade their favorite guns to fight increasingly powerful enemies through the levels. With better guns, they can shoot faster and do more damage. It’s your chance to win with an incredible score, helping you accumulate points to climb the online leaderboards. But if you want to unlock and upgrade weapons, you need to spend gold coins.

Upgrade zombies and game difficulty

There are many types of zombies in this game. It is divided into ranks and can be upgraded. Each type of zombie has three important stats including score, Spawn, and HP. By upgrading these stats, you will have more powerful zombie cards in the new war. In each battle, the game allows gamers to choose the type of zombie card. So consider your strength and choose the right zombies to have interesting battles. It can be small and agile zombies or huge bosses with great HP. Each zombie will make it difficult for shooters in different ways.

Realistic design, vivid sound

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The game impresses with high-end 3D graphics. It highlights the scene of the city covered in blood and the gloom of the corpses. The image of zombies is extremely rich with many different shapes. Moreover, zombies are also designed with realistic, smooth expressions, screams, and actions. The sound from gunfire and background music is also extremely engaging, providing a refreshing shooting feeling. Everything is visually displayed in the first person. Enjoy as if you were a real shooter on the zombie battlefield.

How to install Undead Clash

Step 1: Search for “Undead Clash” on Modded-1.com and click “Download”. Then please wait a few seconds to download the Undead Clash MOD APK file.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: Installation is complete, then you can open the game, log in and experience it right away.

FAQs for Undead Clash

1: What gamers is this game suitable for?

With high violence, the game is recommended for gamers 12 years of age and older and does not include players who have a weak heart or do not like zombies, shooting, and survival elements.

2: Is this game free?

This game is free to download to your phone at Google Play and Modded-1. But some in-game items like guns, zombie cards and upgrade items will require you to pay real money to own.

3: What does the MOD version of Undead Clash have?

With the MOD version here, the game will feature God Mode and One Hit Kill. These two features make it easier for you to conquer zombies while being immortal.

Download Undead Clash MOD APK for Android

Undead Clash is the ultimate FPS game that you should not miss. Come here and immerse yourself in the brutal zombie scene and show off your shooting skills. You will have eye-catching action battles alone or with friends online. There are dozens of events, weapons, and zombies to discover every day. Don’t forget to upgrade your guns and zombies to push the battle to the next level.

Features MOD:

  • God Mod
  • One Hit Kill


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