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Update OnAugust 30, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Welcome to the era of the most powerful robots on the planet in Titan Glory. You will witness the ultimate action battles between warriors with destructive power. Join the game now to enter the fiercest battle for survival on your mobile.

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Introduce about Titan Glory

Titan Glory – The hit fantasy action game

Recently, the famous publisher Atypical Games has launched a super product for the mobile platform, which is Titan Glory. It is an action game set in a futuristic fantasy about a war between robots. It can be seen that this topic is the strength of the publisher Atypical Games. Because they already have an outstanding collection of fantasy games. The new game Titan Glory was previously released on the Nintendo platform. But with strong coverage, it was launched on mobile and costs about 5$ on Google Play.

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However, players can download it for free right at the link below this article. We provide it for you to have the best experience with a super hot game at the moment. In terms of gameplay, there’s not much to argue about because it’s really unique and addictive. Besides, the graphics quality is better than any other game of the same genre. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the eye-catching action scenes on high-end 3D graphics with beautiful images and smooth motion. Start it now if you find it interesting.

Meet powerful mech warriors

Recently, the image of futuristic robot warriors has been exploited in many TV series and video games. And you will have the opportunity to admire them in Titan Glory. This game offers 12 robot characters called mech, and fierce survival battles between them. Just pick your mech and start sending him into the fray. The different rules in each match will make you breathless.

Controlling the mech characters is relatively easy with the function buttons on the screen. But that is not the problem that determines the victory of gamers in each war. As an action game with a tactical element, Titan Glory requires more of each player in terms of the ability to guess and fight. They must know how to exploit the strengths of the mech while taking down the opponent by targeting their weakness. Every move, attack, defense, is a factor that affects the outcome of the match.

Huge mech collection

Titan Glory brings 12 robot warriors with unique abilities. Each mech is built from 5 main parts, including CPU, Ramors, Mobility, Machinegun, and Artillery. Each part has the ability to upgrade up to 5 levels to increase attack and defense stats. In it, each character will have the ability to use different primary and secondary weapons. So, they have their own skills and strengths on the battlefield.

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The highlight from the mech cast in Titan Glory is their appearance. Each mech possesses a new and unique shape that reminds us of modern machine warriors. Some are human-like but larger. While some are more like heavy weapons carrying destructive cannons. In general, besides the ability, the unique appearance of mech warriors is also a factor that makes gamers excited.

Various maps

There are up to 6 large arenas for gamers to unleash with mech warriors. The game context is built based on the fantasy world with many large and massive constructions. Each arena has its own color, from classic to modern, from ancient temples to urban centers… Besides, they have different types of terrain that contribute to influencing the tactical elements of each match.

Simple controls

The player will click on the left side of the screen to move. At the same time, click the skill buttons on the right side of the screen to attack. Some buttons to pay attention to include the fire button, the aim button, the jump button, and the reload button. Overall, the controller is quite familiar to every gamer.

Online Tournaments

download titan glory mod apk

Players can choose to participate in one of two modes, including offline and online. An offline mode is a place for gamers to get acquainted and practice skills. Meanwhile, the online mode is a large arena where 12 players gather in explosive matches. Therefore, you can compete with talented gamers around the globe. Winning will bring glory and a place on the prestigious leaderboard. Note, you can play with people around the world or organize private battle rooms with friends.

Top-notch 3D graphics

As mentioned at the beginning, the graphics are one of the most outstanding aspects of Titan Glory. The game offers a diverse game scene with many types of terrain and majestic scenery. Besides, it owns characters with unique designs and impressive performance effects. The movements in the game are quite smooth even when operating on mobile devices. In addition, the background music and sounds from the action scenes are extremely lively. They contribute to the unprecedented fierce and explosive battles.

How to install Titan Glory

Step 1: You can download Titan Glory (APK or MOD) version exclusively developed at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device. Allow the game “Titan Glory” to access settings on mobile.

Step 3: Proceed to open the file Titan Glory_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Select settings.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to run 100%, the game icon “Titan Glory” will appear on the main screen.

Download Titan Glory MOD APK for Android

Titan Glory is a great game for gamers who love the action genre with a futuristic setting. It has a unique cast of warriors for you to bring into the most exciting online battles. Besides, the game context and battlefield are quite diverse. And in particular, the graphic style is high-end but can be displayed sharp on mobile. So, are you ready to enjoy the ultimate survival battles with powerful mechs?

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money

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