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Update OnMarch 29, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Shinobi Run Endless APK is an action game only available in the US, but it is still testing the full version for the global launch. Before that, let’s explore it a little bit.

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Introduce about Shinobi Run Endless

download shinobi run endless

The image of Ninja is no longer too strange on both the screen and in mobile games. Most typically, it is a typical icon of the famous shadow graphics game Shadow Fight 3. To this day, it has been in many games in many genres, from action, survival, to simple or simulation. And today, you will meet the ninja image as a shadow hero in the game Shinobi Run Endless. Not only is the action thrilling and choking but in this game, you will also participate in endless and mysterious chases. Attractive journeys promise to satisfy fans.


Join Shinobi Run Endless, players will play the role of ninja Shinobi and begin the journey through the Alps to find the head of the Tsuchigumo clan. The head of this clan is the mastermind of the cause of the pitiful death of the ninja guy’s family and the villagers. Therefore, as the last survivor, he must fight to pay for his hatred, even if he sacrifices his life.

Starting on the journey, the Shinobi is bestowed with the ability to be immortal, however, he can also die at any time if time runs out. The player will control this character through many different stages, at the same time, they will fight other enemies that may be monsters or evil ninjas. The longer the player survives, the farther they will go and the greater the score they will receive.

Dodge or attack

download shinobi run endless apk

The player has two options when facing an obstacle or an enemy, it is dodge or attack directly. Each option has certain advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, when you dodge the target, that means your character will be more secure. However, that also means that the player will not receive any points. Therefore, depending on the situation, the player should choose the wisest course of action.


Click “Tap to Start” to start the Shinobi Run Endless experience. Then, players will officially join the endless journey with the dark ninja guy. As mentioned above, in this game, there are two main actions: dodge or attack the enemy directly. To dodge, click the “Next” icon in the right corner of the screen. On the contrary, to attack, click on the object you are aiming at.

However, the player needs to do this correctly at the right time. If you click to attack too late, you will be “knocked out” immediately. Moreover, the speed of this game is quite fast, right from the beginning. Therefore, things will be quite difficult and players should learn to get used to that soon. Shinobi Run Endless not only requires players to operate quickly and accurately but also requires quick wits in all situations. You need to know when to dodge and when to attack. That is the point.

Collect items

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Along the way, players can pick up support items such as time spheres or spheres that have the ability to revive or even more. In particular, with the orb capable of reviving, if your character dies, he can come back to life again and continue fighting. Besides, there are many other items that can support the player well during the journey. Don’t miss any chance to pick them up.

Equipment system

In addition to the above support items, players also need to equip the character with some other powerful weapons. The most typical are rings, necklaces, and hats. They can help your character gain more power such as increasing playtime, increasing attack distance, increasing points. And those are the advantages that your ninja can overcome the dangers of traps, from the enemy, or simply to bring economic benefits to yourself.


download shinobi run endless mod apk

Shinobi Run Endless is not too prominent in terms of graphics when it is only equipped with a 2D platform. The picture in the game is not really sharp and the colors only have two main colors: black and white. It looks quite similar to the shadow graphics of Shadow Fight. However, basically, it still satisfied the majority of players by its simplicity and sophistication in the design. Furthermore, this also helps to reduce the size of the game to fit the mobile platform.

How to install Shinobi Run Endless

Step 1: Download Shinobi Run Endless version (APK or MOD) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Open unknown settings on mobile devices, allow all apps to access.

Step 3: Install APK or MOD version.

Note: For the version with the Obb file, you need to unzip the file and move “com.QuadrilateralGames.ShinobiRun.zip” to the Android / Obb folder.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete.

Download Shinobi Run Endless APK for Android

Shinobi Run Endless is an attractive game with a combination of both action and endless running genres. The game impresses players from the first time they enjoy it thanks to its dramatic gameplay, fast speed, optimized graphics, and more. At the moment, this game is not ready for release worldwide, however, players will have a chance to experience it soon.

Note: Currently, there is no APK file of Shinobi Run Endless. The game is in the Pre-Register version. We will update it as soon as possible. As for the MOD features, they will probably be available later.

Features MOD:

  • Coming Soon


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