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Update OnMarch 10, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Path of Immortals MOD APK is an action role-playing experience where only wars are possible. Join it now to be the type of warrior you want, fight hard for your achievements, and explore every stage filled with monstrous enemies.

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Introduce about Path of Immortals

Path of Immortals – Roleplay the heroes and conquer the levels from easy to difficult

The action role-playing game genre is probably not too strange for all gamers today. There have been many such mobile games with rich context, content, and graphics. However, you will be surprised by the appeal of Path of Immortals, a new game from the publisher Mechanist Games. This game will impress you with eye-catching action scenes and a diverse system of levels, items, and characters. Besides, with classic and friendly graphic style, it also promises to satisfy many global gamers.

It’s hard to deny the fascinating experience of Path of Immortals. So we bring the (MOD or APK) version of this game for you to download to your Android phone and play it for free. But before playing the game, please join us from now on to discover more about it.

Play as the classic hero and fight your way

Entering the game, gamers can choose one of the available characters to start playing. There are many unique characters with different fighting styles such as archer, gladiator, support, mage, etc. And each character type has distinct advantages that affect your strategy throughout the entire experience. experience. If you have chosen your favorite character, start playing him/her and have adventures in the vast classical world. Challenging but exciting challenges are waiting for you ahead.

Path of Immortals offers a series of levels from easy to difficult for gamers to explore and conquer. As a warrior, they have to fight and try to pass as many levels as possible. Along the way, there are dozens of enemies from mutant creatures to strange monsters and even giant Bosses. Therefore, players need to move flexibly to destroy all enemies and collect valuable loot.

The idle but addictive fighting gameplay

The game’s combat mechanics are relatively easy to understand and approach. Players just need to touch the joystick in the center of the screen to move their character and their character will automatically attack the enemy. However, they must control the character tactically to simultaneously dodge attacks from the enemy and attack the target. Each character will have a different attack range that you need to know to be effective in combat.

The first levels are usually quite easy because the enemy system is quite weak. But the higher the level, the more and more powerful the enemies will be. At that time, the game requires you to play better, to know how to harmonize between attack and defense. At the same time, upgrading is very important to create an advantage before each battle. Besides, on some levels, players can combine many characters at the same time to fight together. That usually happens at special levels when your enemy is a super powerful Boss.

Hundreds of items to upgrade and evolve

After winning at each level, players will receive valuable loot including gold coins, gems, and power-up cards. With cards, it will randomly appear many cards at the same time and you can only choose one card. It can be a card that helps increase HP or increase combat ability, increase gold. Please consider carefully to make a reasonable choice, thereby creating an advantage for your warrior before entering the next challenge.

In addition, players can also equip the character with many other complimentary items such as armor, gloves, weapons. Their warriors can also evolve over time when gaining enough experience points. Once there, he can change form and gain powerful weapons and skills.

2D graphics but impressive and vivid

We really like Path of Immortals’ classic and modern graphic style. The game context is very diverse with dungeon scenes, green forests, deserts, castles. Besides, the images and movements of the characters are carefully invested. They play a big part in the appeal of the classic battles, where you can see the action with amazing color effects.

How to install Path of Immortals

Step 1: Download the Path of Immortals (APK or MOD) version at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Wait for the download to complete, you can open the downloaded file and install it on your Android phone.

Step 3: The installation process can take about 1 minute, then you will see the game icon with the words “Path of Immortals By Modded-1.com”. Just click on it to open and play right away.

Download Path of Immortals MOD APK for Android

Path of Immortals is an experience not to be missed. Collect your favorite character and accompany him in epic battles. Challenging levels will make you addicted to beautiful and vibrant action. Besides, the item system for upgrading is also very unique, giving you the opportunity to create your character’s abilities.


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