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Update OnAugust 1, 2022
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Misguided Never Back Home APK is a game inspired by horror stories that take place after school at an Asian school. Here, you will play the role of an ill-fated schoolgirl with the task of finding hidden mysteries. The character’s life depends entirely on you, act before it’s too late.

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Introduce about Misguided Never Back Home

Misguided Never Back Home – The journey of a high school girl in Indonesia

For players who love the horror genre, especially school horror, Misguided Never Back Home will be an optimal choice. In the game, players will discover the story of a high school girl in Indonesia. She has fallen into a deadly trap, no one but yourself will be the one to rescue this girl from dangers.

Misguided Never Back Home

Along the way, there will be many challenges, accompanied by random appearances. Let’s effectively put the clues together to find out the truth of this product from the publisher JEVO Games. This game is selling for about 3$ per download on Google Play. This is not a very high price, but if you want to experience it for free, you can download the game through the APK link available below.

Mysterious world

Misguided Never Back Home is set in a special event, the time when high school girl Silvia was transported to a new land. This is not what happens every day anymore. Instead, it is the appearance of a series of traps and strange creatures. There is no other way, this bad girl needs to face it all with the desire to find her way home as soon as possible. The background in the game is quite dark, plus the attractive gameplay will definitely bring you unforgettable experiences. Keep moving forward until you find the light at the end of the road.

Action gameplay, many challenges

After observing some introductory segments, players will begin to experience the gameplay of Misguided Never Back Home immediately. Initially, the player needs to control the main character to move around, looking for an exit for each level. Each level in the game has a connection with the other. You have to find the correct solution to be able to continue to the next level.

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Besides, some new items will be provided throughout the experience, they will help you in many situations. After each stage, the player will find information, an item to get closer to the way back home. But things are not always smooth, sometimes there are many factors that get in the way. Therefore, you need to use your reasoning talent to overcome the logic problems available in the levels.

Confront the horror monster

The player’s journey in Misguided Never Back Home will not be complete without the appearance of horror monsters. They are always watching you in the dark and are ready to attack any time you lose focus. Therefore, this game requires players to continuously improve their skills, while dodging the tracking of monsters with smart moves. Moreover, you can also pick up available weapons to fight against monsters when they are discovered. But believe me, you should prioritize dodging attacks and get out of their sight as quickly as possible.

Explore many different places

More specifically, the map in the game is built relatively large, making it difficult for players to remember the way. Sometimes you will cross a path many times leading to a lost way. Therefore, keep your concentration high during the move to ensure that you always go to new places. Most locations in the game require the player to find the correct answer themselves in order to continue moving.

High-quality 3D graphics

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Misguided Never Back Home possesses a high-quality 3D graphic format with extremely intuitive descriptions. Here, players will discover scary images, along with background music that creates a feeling of suspense and anxiety when enjoying. In fact, the horror scenes that will appear throughout the experience will definitely give you special feelings. In addition, you will observe everything in the game in the most general way through the familiar 3rd person’s perspective.

How to install Misguided Never Back Home

Step 1: Click on the APK link below the article to start downloading the game to your device.

Step 2: After the download is complete, click the Install button available on the screen to install the game.

Step 3: After the installation is successful, the Misguided Never Back Home icon will be displayed on the main screen.

Step 4: Finally, you just need to touch this icon to experience the game immediately.

Download Misguided Never Back Home APK for Android

Besides the horror element available, Misguided Never Back Home also gives players a lot of dramatic action through the main character’s perspective. This game is really suitable for players who love the horror game genre combined with the typical adventure element. In addition, the content available in the game is also quite diverse. We firmly believe that it will take you a lot of time to explore it all.

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