Mindcell MOD APK 1.63 [Unlimited Bullets] Download for Android

Ray Spark
Update OnMarch 28, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Bullets
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Mindcell MOD APK is an action game from the famous Ray Spark publisher. They have a lot of experience in producing action-packed games, hoping that Mindcell will prove its appeal in the present time. Download the game’s APK file and participate in dramatic battles.

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Introduce about Mindcell

If you’ve ever heard of the publisher Ray Spark through the fascinating action game, should not ignore the appearance of Mindcell in the present time. This game is built in the style of action combined with the adventure element from a third perspective. This makes sure to give players the great gun battle.

download mindcell mod apk

In general, Mindcell is a game to be concerned about if you need an offline game to play with all the action elements and visuals. However, this is not a completely free game. Therefore, you will need to spend an amount equivalent to $ 2 to be able to download the game to your device to experience it. This is not a very large number, because this game is really worth the money you will have to spend.

Future context

The context of this game mainly revolves around future science fiction laboratories, where humans rely too much on biological weapons to build military systems for human civilization. As the protagonist in Mindcell, he is convicted of becoming a test subject for a deadly science experiment. Anything will come, he will not succumb to fate and try to find a way out in a laboratory full of danger. Yes, you are the true companion in this game to help him complete this extremely interesting and dangerous adventure. Download the game and enjoy its attractions as soon as you feel ready.


Basically, Mindcell‘s gameplay revolves around the journey of the protagonist in the future lab. You will have to control this guy moving constantly to find a way out. Of course, there will be many enemies appearing on the map to prevent a successful escape. Therefore, please use the fighting ability of the character along with handling in each situation to be able to destroy all enemies.

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Note: Mindcell is an offline game so it will not interact with any other players around the world. This means that you are completely alone in this dangerous adventure, do everything to be able to find your own way of life.

Control system

Like most other action games on the gaming market such as Gangstar Vegas, the control system in Mindcell is relatively simple and suitable for most devices today. Normally, players only need to use 2 virtual buttons integrated on the right of the screen to help the character perform some necessary combat operations.

There will be times, these two virtual buttons will help you pick up the right items along the way. Besides, players should pay attention to the character’s health bar integrated into the top left corner of the screen. If the health bar is at zero levels, it means that you will have to start the journey from the beginning. Or the low energy bar will not use the skill.


download mindcell

Mindcell offers a very diverse and rich arsenal. You can many different types of guns such as: (Pistols, pistols, snipers to sticks, wrenches, knives) can be used. On the way to find the door to survival, you can pick up weapons scattered everywhere to protect yourself.


The most important point is probably the bag function system, since Mindcell doesn’t provide it, you won’t be able to store too many items and equipment.

Unlimited revival

The fact that the publisher Ray Spark applies an unlimited resurrection factor, which contributes to further improvement in all dead situations. At the moment you die, the respawn starting point will be right there. Sometimes, being on the right side with two strong opponents, also partially affects your battle. Therefore, it is advisable to take note of the revival moments and observe the child map before coming back to life.

Extremely beautiful graphics

download mindcell apk

Can be realized, the gameplay of Mindcell will not make you feel too new compared to the same category products on the market. But the graphics quality of this game is really a completely different point. It is equipped with a 3D graphics format combined with extremely wonderful transition effects. This promises to give players the feeling of being immersed in the adventure. The details in the game are extremely detailed, and meticulous descriptions of each task. This will definitely make the game experience perfect than ever.

How to install Mindcell

As mentioned above, you need to pay an equivalent of $2 to be able to download the game to the device via the App Store or Google Play. Of everything is completely free and extremely simple. If you do not know how to download and install it at MODDED-1, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download the version Mindcell (MOD Bullets) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: After the download process is complete, you need to click the Install button to start installing the game. This process will take a fairly short time (depending on the configuration of your device).

Step 3: Click on the Mindcell icon on the main screen to experience the game and enjoy the amazing adventure.

Download Mindcell MOD APK for Android

Mindcell doesn’t have too many highlights compared to other games of the same genre on the gaming market. But we believe its graphics quality is enough to make you feel satisfied. Are you looking for an action game combined with a traditional adventure genre? Mindcell will definitely be a not-bad choice. This game gives a fictional futuristic setting, where you will feel much more modern and special than in the present time.

MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Bullets


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