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MARVEL Realm of Champions APK is an action game that received a lot of expectations from players around the world, because of the addictive nature of the gameplay and the quality of the image. This is definitely a product to look forward to in 2021. Join us to find out what is special about this game.

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Introduce about MARVEL Realm of Champions

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MARVEL Realm of Champions has received a lot of attention from the community of players around the world. Basically, this game is developed in an attractive role-playing style, allows players to control hundreds of superheroes of the MARVEL cinematic universe. Thereby, discover extremely fierce and beautiful battles right on your smartphone. Besides, you can also be completely assured of the charm of this game. Because to come from publisher Kabam Games – Are the father of a series of famous products in the gaming market, including the Marvel Contest of Champions.


The plot of MARVEL Realm of Champions will change completely from the comic book series or previous Marvel movies. Specifically, this game will get the background of the war-filled world Battleworld. More specifically, this world is ruled by Maestro – another version of Hulk. He is an extremist, always puts war first, and uses force to make the people here obey his orders.

However, Maestro was assassinated by a secret organization that made the world of Battleworld extremely chaotic because there was no real ruler. The loss of the king caused the land to spawn many wars for power, with the ultimate goal of becoming the next king after Maestro. Are you ready to fight and become a powerful king in the MARVEL Realm of Champions?


In the MARVEL Realm of Champions, players will not control a single hero during the battle. But you will get help from 3 different heroes. This game offers the 8 most powerful factions of Battleworld. They include Spider-Man’s Spider-Guild, Captain America Patriot Garrison, Iron-Man’s House of Iron, and X-Men Pyramid X. Each faction will own its own power, so you should consider it carefully before giving make the final decision.

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After making a successful selection, the player will go to different battles to fight. Your most important mission is to destroy all enemies on the map so that you can continue your journey. At certain levels, players will have to face powerful Bosses. But don’t worry too much, because if you fail then you can start over from the nearest conquest location without having to start over.

Power upgrades

There are two ways to increase the power of your army in the MARVEL Realm of Champions, which is to upgrade equipment and combine the characters properly. As for equipment, good enough equipment will help the character’s power increase significantly in battles. Remember that your opponent will continuously increase in power over time. So you should upgrade your equipment regularly to be able to easily defeat them.

This game offers hundreds of different equipment, players can collect them through battles. In addition, the proper character combination is also a very important factor to help you win. For example, the Hulk will do well as a Tank, while Black Panther will be better suited for the single attack roll and close range. Know the power of each character to form a powerful team in the MARVEL Realm of Champions.

Multiple game modes

1. Tradition

The mode has a fairly simple way of operating, players will choose their own team and match them properly to win the battles that they participate in.

2. Defend the stronghold

Team up, fight waves of enemies to protect your ISO Core.

3. Real-time combat

Take part in real-time 3v3 squad battles with other players around the world. Takedown the entire opposing team and win.

Picture and sound

With the building of the character system in Comic style from MARVEL, MARVEL Realm of Champions will definitely make players feel extremely satisfied and excited. The characters in the game are portrayed quite successfully. Along with that is the transition effects in the game elaborate meticulously promises to make players unable to take their eyes off the experience screen. Besides, this game also owns the familiar 3D graphics style to provide the best display quality for players.

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In addition, the sound system in the game is relatively lively with attractive background music and the noises emitted in each battle. You can feel the fierceness every time the character performs skills or regular attacks through the great sound quality that the MARVEL Realm of Champions brings.

How to install MARVEL Realm of Champions

Step 1: Download the version (APK + OBB) of MARVEL Realm of Champions from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Proceed to extract the OBB File, then move “com.kabam.realm.zip” and the Android/Obb folder.

Step 3: Start install the APK file of MARVEL Realm of Champions.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen, wait until the installation is complete.

Download MARVEL Realm of Champions APK for Android

Although only recently released, what MARVEL Realm of Champions brings is really great. The game possesses impressive gameplay along with an extremely diverse hero system that will surely make you unable to ignore. If you are looking for a role-playing game with action elements, the MARVEL Realm of Champions will be the perfect choice for you. What are you waiting for? Download the game via the APK link below this article to enjoy it now.

MOD Feature:

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