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Butterscotch Shenanigans
Update OnMarch 25, 2022
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Levelhead APK is a great 2D platformer game with dozens of challenging levels to test your moves on various maps. Your mission is to train a robot to deliver goods to planets in the universe. You will accompany it throughout the terrain journey from the easiest to the most difficult places in each level.

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Introduce about Levelhead

Levelhead – Explore and conquer dozens of unique maps


Levelhead is a platform game developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans. It currently attracts a lot of attention from gamers around the world thanks to its simple but addictive gameplay. It gives you dozens of challenging levels that require your mobility. Overcome every challenge along the way to complete missions, then unlock new levels. The gameplay is simple, but it is not easy to conquer it. The challenge for gamers is increasingly complex, the map is increasingly diverse, and the terrain is increasingly difficult. How to overcome all to compete with online gamers and climb to the top of the leaderboard? You’ll need to get to know the game better, so join us.


The game is set in the future when humanity develops its civilization into outer space. At that time, The Bureau of Shipping was the largest company in the galaxy responsible for delivering goods to different planets. They are growing stronger and gaining the trust of customers all over the universe. But recently, they invented a new robot, named GR-18, to upgrade their delivery service to the speed of light. However, this new robot is like a child, unable to operate the transport operation on its own. That’s the reason for your position, a new employee in the level department.

Your mission is to train the GR-18 to transform it from an amateur robot to a multiverse delivery expert. Put it through the most rigorous training sessions and teach it how to cross different terrains to bring packages to the customer’s door. Gamers need to take it seriously to ensure the credibility of the company. The package needs to be secured, and you will receive a bonus after each delivery.

Build and conquer creative levels

So your training journey with the GR-18 begins. Gamers will go from the simplest training levels and unlock the next more difficult levels. At each level, the game gives them a lot of challenges. It can be unexpectedly deep holes, evil transport trucks, big spikes, and more. Be careful with all the obstacles and learn to overcome them flexibly. You can jump over or use your pack as a prop for a higher jump. Gamers need to know how to take advantage of the terrain for their moves on the map. From there, they can go to the end of the road and complete a training course.

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But the special thing here is that Levelhead allows gamers to create their own levels. If you are a person with a lot of ideas, unleash them to design a map. Gamers can design their levels with built-in items like enemies, paths, programmable switches, weather, music, and more. Then arrange them in different positions and surprise yourself. Transform visual designs into unique and creative background levels. And don’t forget to share your design with many friends online.

Compete on leaderboards

Gamers will have the opportunity to compete with themselves and many other gamers around the world. They need to put in more effort every day because the challenges for them will become more and more complex. They will pass many levels to accumulate points. This score determines each player’s rank on the leaderboard and to compete with the top players. Don’t miss your chance to win a well-deserved reward.

Modern and friendly design style

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With a futuristic context, Levelhead is designed with a modern style. Although only owning a 2D graphics platform, everything in the game is very detailed and sharp. The map is extremely diverse, including many unique terrains and landscapes that change dynamically through each level. Besides, the movements are also very smooth, the effects and icons are also quite unique. Moreover, music combined with sound in each touch creates a sense of enjoyment during the adventure.

How to install Levelhead

Step 1: Download Levelhead MOD APK by clicking the “Download” link in this article.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and select “Install” to start the installation process. In the meantime, please relax to wait, it shouldn’t take more than a minute of your time.

Step 3: Open the game as soon as the installation is complete, log in to your account and start playing right away.

Download Levelhead APK for Android

Challenge your movement skills through Levelhead’s creative levels, are you ready? Design your own levels or play on the available map and conquer many unique levels. How long can you complete your training mission? This game has more than 90 levels with increasing difficulty, requiring the progress of every gamer. Play it and beat your own previous achievements, and don’t forget, you always have fierce competition on the world rankings.

Features MOD:

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