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KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO APK is one of the fascinating fighting game masterpieces from NEOGEO. Now you can experience this classic game right on your mobile device easily. First, let’s learn more about some of the notable highlights that this game has to offer.

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Introduce about KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO

KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO – 90s style fighting game

Although the continuous development of games on the game market today will make players have more enjoyable experiences. However, we believe that there are still a lot of players who want to go back to games from a few decades ago. And the “ACA NEOGEO” series from publisher SNK has succeeded in recreating NEOGEO masterpieces in the present time.


KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO is one of them. This is an attractive 1v1 fighting game with the appearance of many strong fighters. All you need to do is simply create a squad of your favorite fighters and quickly participate in the attractive fighting battles available. Like most products, KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO is a paid game to download. However, you can save this cost by downloading the game through the APK link available below this article.

Attractive 1v1 fighting gameplay

KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO is built in the traditional 1v1 fighting style. Here, players will be taken to fierce battles in the ring. You must use your fast and accurate manipulations in this game to win the final victory.

Basically, the battles that see the appearance of 6 boxers are divided equally between both teams. You can control up to 3 boxers in a battle with the goal of defeating the opponent boxers as soon as possible. Besides, the timer system is also integrated into the KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO to make everything faster and more intense. After the allotted time, the team that consumes more HP than the opponent will lose, and vice versa.

Show your fighting skills

Combat skills are the deciding factor to your victory in all matches. The enemy is not a novice, they are ready to knock you down at any time if you lose focus. At the same time, the control operation in the game has also been simplified. All operations are available on the experience screen so that players can interact easily.

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In addition, you can change boxers continuously in each battle. After one boxer is knocked down, it’s time for another fighter to fight and that’s why you will have to choose the three best fighters to be ready to fight. You will only receive defeat when all three of your boxers are defeated by the opponent. Although there are quite a few opportunities to turn the situation around, you need to be very careful in each battle situation.

Collect the best fighters

Like most other KOF games, KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO gives players a variety of fighters to choose from. They are all good boxers with distinct looks and skills. The attack stats are also completely different, so you can rely on these parameters to choose the most optimal boxers. The special thing is that all the fighters are unlocked and you can choose anyone you want. All fighters are inspired by the original console version which will surely make you feel excited.

Some outstanding customizations

Besides the above factors, KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO also offers a number of options to help players have the best experience. Accordingly, you can freely customize the difficulty and appearance through the screen settings. At the same time, you can also compete for scores with other players around the world through online leaderboards. In addition, functions such as quick save/load and virtual pad customization will help you personalize your gaming experience.

Nice graphics

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Overall, KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO retains the graphical appeal of previous NEOGEO games. The details in the game are carefully described in terms of 90s-style image quality combined with relatively smooth transition effects. Accordingly, this game has changed some details to better suit the gameplay on mobile. Of course, you can’t expect 3D graphics when enjoying this game because it is aimed at players who love the classic.

How to install KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO

Step 1: Download KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO APK (Full Game) version from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Click on the download file to install, it usually takes 1-2 minutes depending on the device configuration.

Step 3: After the installation is done, the icon of the game will show on the main screen and you just need to click on it to start playing.

Download KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO APK for Android

KOF ’95 ACA NEOGEO offers gameplay that hasn’t changed too much compared to current fighting games. Your task is simply to control your boxer to defeat all other opponents to become the winner. Not only that, but this game is also very outstanding in terms of graphics along with many different customizations that will surely bring you unforgettable experiences.

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